What some people say about their encounter with SVP and Atlin.

SVP Testimonials (external link) contains additional collected testimonials.

Hello Mr. Pond.

I wonder do you have a book which is explaining the working principles of the circle in the background of your website ? I dont know it is exact name but it is called the musical chord or chord of life i think.

I read Mr. Gann's book called "The Tunnel Through The Air" and this book was written by him in a veiled language. After i read the book i understood he was pointing out J. W. Keely and his 40 laws, Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla. I started to study the laws of the sympathetic vibratory physics because he was saying that he used the law of vibration to predict the markets. And, i saw he used also a circle which is very similiar to the musical chord i think Keely's circle. Dividing the circle into 24 equal 15 degrees.. If you refer me a book about this, i can buy.

Thanks for your help Mr. Pond.


I suppose you are referring to one or more of the Keely Charts.

These charts are of course reflections of the forty laws Keely developed.

These laws operate with and within the Laws of Being.

I do not know of any book that has been written that wraps all these together into one cohesive whole unless it be the new book I just completed:
The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration and Toroids

Hi Dale,
I am an avid reader of your svpwiki. Thank you for the work you have done, putting Keely's works and writings together. Thank you for your time and valiant efforts. Without you, Keely's ghost might have vanished. DF

Hi Dale,

I am at the beginning stages of working on a free energy device, and have been immersing myself in Keely's work, thanks to you. What you are doing is a true gift to humanity.

Hi Dale,

Huge gratitude for all you have and are doing for us all with your work that includes Keely.

Hello Mr. Pond,

I have emailed you a few times over the last few years, you may remember me by now. Yesterday I was hosting a musical concert in which I was able to give brief overviews of interesting sympathetic vibrational concepts between sets of songs. People are waking up to the fact that we are all connected, the concept of vibration is helping people see.

Thank you very much for keeping this idea alive. I am moving to _________ in january so i can escape the fukushima radiation here in CA and develop my own field of science based on these concepts. I am developing a theory for the mind channel, a specific range of vibration (including acoustic, electromagnetic, and atomic in one spectrum) that our mind is just like a television, tuned to a channel. We tend to call the people who can experience, or change their channel, fringe or aliens.
I cannot emphasize enough how important your work is. I think of you as the father and Mr. Keely as the grandfather of this field in this modern era. Personally i can say it changed my life. You unknowingly inspire more people than you know. I wish you the best Mr. Pond.

Hi Dale,

I am just re-reading the Atlin Story. I have only reached page 20, and I am saying to myself, "have you actually READ this book before?" It is as if your words are completely new. Looking at the near miraculous nature of the birth of Atlin, and to think that you are going through the same processes, albeit with a much greater awareness of the energies involved, makes me feel totally humbled by your devotion to a project that is consuming great swathes of your most valuable time, and by your prolific talents. A price tag cannot be put on this embryonic Sun fashioned by you. In your endeavours you are forging two new understandings, both of colossal importance for our time. The resurrection of Keely's Science, and the resurrection of the use of the multi-dimensional capabilities of the Human Mind. The two needed to go hand in hand, a sympathetic double revelation. Peacedruthers

This one is ONLY for those who have taken the "red pill."

The dark side does not want the human race to discover "who we really are." Hence the continuous war on human consciousness. This takes the form of a constant parade of lies, propaganda and fear mongering that promotes a souless and mechanistic view of the universe. Social scientists refer to this phenomenon as either Descartism? or reductionism - of which the Darwinist "theory" of evolution is of central importance.
But, whether "they" like it or not, human consciousness is evolving. And we as a species are discovering that an enormous power lies within all living and non living things. Call it what you will: Cosmic consciousness, God mind, or Life Force, it does not matter. What does matter is that power is everywhere, all the time. And most importantly it lies within each of us. We are connected to that power from the moment we are conceived. We as human beings are manifestations of that power. As Christ so aptly put it, "the Kingdom of heaven lies within."
There is a wealth of consciousness expanding material on this page. Soak it up... Chew on it. Learn from it, and grow. It is very important.
p.s. best of all use the internet for what it was intended for - send this message into cyber space to others of like mind. Shift happens!!!!


Just saying thank you for the boldness. I have been browsing your site as a seeker of truth for a couple of years and recently bought the The Snell Manuscript (external link). Just wanted to say thanks. I have been playing with moe-joe-cell devices and have felt a great awareness shift/lift in my own life and the lives of my immediate family members. I have had my own website for sometime and am gearing up to use it more to inform people of light and truth. May the most high bless and protect you.


i watched your presentation on SVP and Keely's ideas and it opened my mind so i want to thank you for that

also that sphere with the strings under it kind of device is genius and i know it's purpose and how it works as a musical instrument - that's genius..

thanks a lot

Dear Sir,

I quite accidentally came across the works of Keely and your own endeavour at studying and unraveling the mystery surrounding his works and those of Nikola Tesla and others. Great saints of all ages and climes have talked about a 'true science', the real science of which all our so-called modern sciences are but a mere shadow.
I fully appreciate your work and thank you wholeheartedly for your attempt at ushering in that true science, at least for those who believe there is one but do not know where and how to find it.
D. C.

"Your work on the SVPwiki is as impressive as ever and is a phenomemal gift to all mankind." G.

Dear Dale,

Thank you once again for your endeavors and for responding to my inquiry. This insight that you've conveyed at the July (TeslaTech) conference on Keely's triune streams is simple, elegant, and beautiful, and is so intuitive to Creational Law. This is exactly what we've always been told through the divine wisdom of the trinities.... Your work is truly the pathway that leads to the Ethereal realm that is now here on earth. Let's hope that there will be enough pilgrims to find their pathway to this realm and help lead humanity from out of this Ahrimanic and deceitful wilderness that all of us now find ourselves embedded within. I look forward to receiving this aural wisdom.

Mr. Pond,

In my search for a deeper understanding of the financial markets I started studying Gann's Law of Vibration?. Which in turn lead to Keely, the diatonic octave, universal energy expression, and a deeper understanding of the Law of One. You have helped me gain a deeper understanding of all this through your free resources and I am most grateful. I am 27 and now these ideas - which all tie together to Gann's work perfectly - have yielded an amazing understanding of vibrational energy in the markets. I intend to take money hand over fist and eventually pump it back into funding more research into Keely, Tesla, and Russell's work. That would be the only way to take something inherently greedy, and use it to increase the consciousness of mankind. Thanks for your passion, curiosity, and willingness to show others what you have found. I have discovered that the only way to really gain knowledge is to first share it, and I can only imagine what you have gained for sharing all that you have!
All the best,
DP REPLY: Thank you for your kind words. It is always pleasing to know someone derived some benefit out of the work I do. I send blessings you find the prosperity you seek and deserve.
After sending the previous email I looked into Gann (who I'd heard of but never researched) and Baumring on the Sacred Science Institute (external link) web site. To say I was impressed is an under statement. I will be looking more into Gann/Baumring and perhaps I can build some conceptual bridges of understanding with the work I've been doing. Thank you so much for your email and pointing to this amazing resource.

"More than a theory of God, the universe and everything, Dale Pond’s SVP Cosmology compilation tries to explain and illustrate how the universe is built and how its latent energy can be accumulated and harnessed to help humankind. He shows the similar threads in the thinking of geniuses such as John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell and others, and how Edgar Cayce’s readings tied in. It makes a lot of sense. Moreover, this knowledge can inspire a more enlightened approach to science, society and technology." Jeane Manning, author of Angels Don't Play that HAARP

What a fantastic gold mine you have created Dale. I'll be coming back very often.
I long remember what Dr. Steiner had to say about Keely.
You can be sure I'll be back for much more. THIS is a web site with a WEALTH and CORNUCOPIA of data and information I want to study and know about to be sure.

Dear Dale,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn (external link) users.

Details of the Recommendation: "When I first came across Dale's web site (external link) I knew I was going to meet a very intelligent and attentive person. The material on his site contains some real gems. Much of it he has created and other parts of it he offers for other folks.

The more I explored and worked with him on a couple of his products, the more I realized he is a heart centered Being. He enjoys what he does and he believes in it too. Those qualities are are so important today – finding someone that is authentic.

Over time we generated some great discussion about the work we were each doing. I learned fresh ideas from him that were grounded in well rounded plans. I like the way he thinks because he is most interested in bringing harmony to situations that will naturally sprout inner wisdom.

Thanks for the Wiki,........very nice. S.S.

Hello Dale,

I need to come clean and be honest with you. I thought that I was smart and that I had a high IQ, but the more I understand about SVP the more that I can see how un-enlightened that I am currently.

I once make a joke stating "that all Dale Pond has is Brass Balls selling for 30K each" but now I can see that you are probably the single greatest visionary of our time and through your life long efforts our world can truly transform itself.

I have been studying Keely, Russell, Smith? and others for the past 5 years and I can tell you that my preconceived notions have been my biggest block to my understanding along with by belief in my intelligence would carry me through but yet for 5 years I wasn't able to see 2+2 = 4.

I believe now that I am going through the SVPWiki pages things are starting to click for me, but I still have questions probably easy baby steps questions and as I see more and more I am sure my questions will progress.

So my first question is do you want me to start asking questions in the SVPwiki or directly to you via email?

Thank you for your Time
S. W.
REPLY: Thank you for your kind and generous words. To answer your question the best way to ask a question is by email. I can get to email almost any time of day.

Anytime you feel like no one is listening or what you have done regarding freedom doesn't matter, because no one responds, please think of this email.  No one is walking and talking this spiritual plank as you are so they can be politically correct.
Your site (external link) and your personality and your material have made a huge difference with me.  You more than openly make a connection to the higher levels, you give examples.  Some of your material is in my paper library.
However, that does not even touch on what you have really done.  You have walked out on the spiritual plank and given everyone an example including me to follow.  Normally I am quite private about my near 3 decades of spiritually awakening, my spiritual quests to India and study and meditation and experiences.  Only those very close know these "secrets". 
You SPIRIT has encouraged me to step up to at least "reveal" the true nature of freedom and the belly of the beast we currently live in. 
As an example of threading a seed thought, please check out Catherine Austin Fitts (external link).  She is an EX executive of one of the unconstitutional ungovernment housing departments and a frequent interviewee on Coast To Coast AM (external link).  She is beyond excellent.  You can go to her site and add yourself to her email reports if it appeals to you.

Guess what the "Avatar of the Age" main message pillars are: LOVE, truth, peace, nonviolence, righteousness.  This threads through all the major religions and the eastern masters.  It is man, the church?, the state, the corporation and all the artificial power and greed mongering dark side that have brought us to this point as you well know.  We would have destroyed ourselves long ago had it not been for the great masters, avatars most of whom are never known but by a very very few. 

Anyway, thanks to you and thanks to Roni for all your work.  You are ones who have driven a stake in the ground to show where the line stops and starts.
 J. 11/10/09

SVP Testimonials (external link) additional collected testimonials.

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SVP Testimonials (external link) collected testimonials

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