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"Unidentified phenomenon: North Atlantic Ocean."
June 22, 1976. North Atlantic. At 21:13 GMT a pale orange glow behind a bank of towering cumulus to the west was observed. Two minutes later a white disc was observed while the glow from behind the cloud persisted.
High probability that this may have been caused by interferometry using 3-dimensional artificial scalar wave? Fourier expansions? as the interferers.
Marine Observer. 47(256), Apr. 1977. p. 66-68.

"Unidentified phenomenon, off Barbados, West Indies."
August 22, 1969. West Indies. Luminous area bearing 310 degrees grew in size and rose in altitude, then turned into an arch or crescent.
High probability that this may have been caused by interferometry using artificial scalar wave? ((Fourier expansions.))
Marine Observer. 40(229), July, 1970. p. 107-108.

"Optical phenomenon: Caribbean Sea; Western North Atlantic."
Mar. 20, 1969. Caribbean Sea and Western North Atlantic. At 23:15 GMT, a semicircle of bright, milky-white light became visible in the western sky and rapidly expanded upward and outward during the next 10 minutes, dimming as it expanded.
High probability that this may be caused by interferometry using artificial scalar wave? Fourier expansions?.
Marine Observer, 40(227), Jan. 1970. p.17; p. 17-18.

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