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Tesla Patents 101 - 111

  1. U.S. Patent 1,113,716 - Fountain - 1914 October 13 - Improvement in the construction of fountains and aquarium displays; Large mass of fluid in motion; Display of great power; Large displacement of fluid with little expense of energy.
  2. U.S. Patent 1,119,732 - Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy - 1902 January 18 - High-voltage, air-core, self-regenerative resonant transformer; Oscillator for wireless transmission of electromagnetic energy; Tesla coil.
  3. U.S. Patent 1,209,359 - Speed-Indicator - 1916 December 19 - Improvement that uses the adhesion and viscosity of a gaseous medium preferably air to measure speed or measure the torque-transmission between indicator and driver; Durable; Simple; Inexpensive; Reliable.
  4. U.S. Patent 1,266,175 - Lightning-Protector - 1918 May 14 - Novel and advantageous construction of a protector in accord with the true character of the phenomena; Corrects Benjamin Franklin's hypothesis, and subsequent construction, for lightning protectors.
  5. U.S. Patent 1,274,816 - Speed Indicator - 1918 August 6 - Speedometer that possesses the feature of: Linearly proportional torque readings; Strong low speed torsional effects; not affected by atmospheric density, temperature, nor magnetic influences; Rugged; Simple; Economical.
  6. U.S. Patent 1,314,718 - Ship's Log - 1919 September 2 - Novel and advantageous construction of a ship's log; Instantaneous reading of knots or miles-per-hour.
  7. U.S. Patent 1,329,559 - Valvular Conduit - 1920 February 3 - Improvement by means of a conduit or channel characterized by valvular action; Conduit has baffles, recesses, projections, enlargements, or buckets that channels the flow's movement one way more efficiently; Mechanical diode; One-way valve with no moving parts. Now known as a Tesla valve.
  8. U.S. Patent 1,365,547 - Flow-Meter - 1921 January 11 - Related to the meter of measurement for velocity and quantity of fluid flow.
  9. U.S. Patent 1,402,025 - Frequency-Meter - 1922 January 3 - Ascertain the periodic electric frequency and electric oscillation by the rotation or reciprocation of an electromechanical device.
  10. U.S. Patent 1,655,113 - Method of Aerial Transportation - 1928 January 3 - VTOL aeroplane; Describes a method of achieved vertical take-off, transition to and from horizontal flight, and vertical landing, with a tilting rotor. Including transportation which consists in developing by the propelling device a vertical thrust in excess of the normal, causing thereby the machine to rise in an approximately vertical direction, tilting it and simultaneously increasing the power of the motor and thereby the propeller thrust, then gradually reducing the propeller thrust as forward speed is gained and the plane takes up the load, thus maintaining the lifting force sensibly constant during flight, tilting the machine back to its original position and at the same time increasing the power if the motor and thrust of the propeller and effecting a landing under the restraining action of the same.
  11. U.S. Patent 1,655,114 - Apparatus for Aerial Transportation - 1928 January 3 - VTOL aircraft; Includes a correction.

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