Tesla Oscillator

"The electric mechanical oscillator is like a catapult capable of a rope of a given tension for the motion imparted. Except that in the electrical analogue no rope is required and may be dispensed with, nor is any rope comprised of mass necessitated, but that of the growing accumulated oscillating energy, provided by the constant unvarying energy of the environment, and of any given tension is not limited in any way whatsoever to a maximum, and so therefore, an electrical and mechanical apparatus for communications, power and war, that is capable of abolishing distance by the means of abolishing materials for means of high tension activity. That is to say the electrical rope is as infinite in length as the lever that is required to lift the very planet, or any other, and in this case, a theoretically infinite length and therefore power might be obtainable from the oscillating mechanical apparatus of such wheelwork."

Adam Bull?, talking on Technology For a New future, Nikola Tesla and the electrical means of overcoming distance and time.

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