Tables Correlating Data, Correspondences and Concepts within SVPwiki

During my early years working with SVP I did develop dozens and dozens if not hundreds of spreadsheets investigating musical relations. With software being upgraded periodically as also hardware those spreadsheets are for the most part unreadable today. I did retain some older hardware capable of reading some of those old files with the hope one day I will go back and migrate those more interesting old files to readable formats. In the interim I did migrate some of those files I thought were in some way useful. These were in some fashion or other incorporated into various Tables and Charts readable within the internet and posted to the svpwiki here and here. See also Summaries

  1. Enhanced Electromagnetic Spectrum Table
  2. Mendeleev Period Table
  3. Periodic Table of the Elements
  4. Periodic Table Set to Music
  5. Table of Cause and Effect Dualities
  6. Table of Color and Tones
  7. Table of Contents for SVPwiki
  8. Table of Controlling Modes and Proportions
  9. Table of Correspondences
  10. Table of Dichotomies
  11. Table of Divine Trinity Locked Potentials, Phases of a Wave, Color and Elements
  12. Table of Dominant
  13. Table of Electromagnetic Scale in Octaves
  14. Table of Elements
  15. Table of Elements Set to Music Periodic Table
  16. Table of Energy Emanations from the Body
  17. Table of Enhanced Electromagnetic Spectrum
  18. Table of Etheric Elements
  19. Table of Etheric Vibratory Scale
  20. Table of Fifths Voiding and Double Tone
  21. Table of Forces Forces and Energies discovered throughout the centuries.
  22. Table of G = The Fifth, 4++ and Double Tone
  23. Table of Glands and Correspondences
  24. Table of Hubbard's Scale of Consciousness
  25. Table of Hydrogen Atoms and Ions
  26. Table of Length Area and Volume Math
  27. Table of Mind and Matter, Leadbeater
  28. Table of Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force
  29. Table of Music Intervals
  30. Table of Music Note or Sound Colors
  31. Table of Negative Radiating Focalizing Bar
  32. Table of Ninths
  33. Table of Neutral Thirds - Energy Radiates from Center - Force Contracts to Center
  34. Table of Particles and Corpuscles SVP
  35. Table of Photoelectric Effect of Elements
  36. Table of Plate Harmonics and Intervals
  37. Table of Polarity - Duality
  38. Table of Quantum Particles standard
  39. Table of Ranges of Forces Vibration Forms Types and Governing Laws
  40. Table of Relations of Thirds
  41. Table of Roots Powers of Two and Indig Numbers
  42. Table of Russells Eighteen Dimensions
  43. Table of Scale of Forces in Octaves
  44. Table of Scale of Infinite Ninths Basic Structure of Notes and Interval Meanings
  45. Table of Scale of Infinite Ninths Showing Music to Frequency to Locked Potentials
  46. Table of Sixths
  47. Table of Subdivisions of Matter and Energy
  48. Table of Summaries
  49. Table of Suppositional Math and Symbolic Structure
  50. Table of Thirds
  51. Table of Triune Polar Streams
  52. Table of Velocity of Sound in various Materials
  53. Table of Vibratory and Oscillatory Triple Force Functions
  54. Table of Wavelengths and Frequencies Octave Relations of Russell's Indig Number System
  55. Triune States of Matter and Energy

See Also

Laws of Being - Annotated contains many of the above tables in context.
The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration and Toroids a further expansion of the Laws of Being - Annotated containing numerous tables and relationships in context.

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