Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams

Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams.

Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams.

"In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe; the infinite ninths? that I am now endeavoring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination?, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These sympathetic streams from celestial space, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light." KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell

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