Table of Cause and Effect Dualities

This table represents the observable and non-observable worlds or realms of activity and non-activity. The concept here is not the same as found in the Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality table which represents two different vector motions; syntropy and entropy. The table below represents the seen or observable EFFECT and the unseen or non-observable (scalar) CAUSE. The table is representational only. Cause and Effect sequences can be multi-iterative (nested or holographic). Cause may only be known by mind, not by sense. Cause is considered scalar.

Table of Dichotomies
Cosmic Man Natural Man
Depolar Polar
Fear Disease
Fulcrum Lever
Idea Idea Manifested
Laya Maya
Mind Matter
Non-Newtonian Newtonian
Nucleus Electron shells
Neutral Center Envelope
Non-observable Observable
Order Disorder
Potential Kinetic
Quantum Newtonian
Scalar Vector
Science Opinion
Soul Natural Man
Spirit Matter
Thought Life
Undifferentiated Differentiated
Unseen Seen
Vacuum Substance
Wisdom Belief

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