Sympsionics Standards and Rules

As much as I dislike Standards and Rules (because they are boxes and tend to limit creativity) Sympsionics and its development, if it is to be orderly, does require some Standards and Rules for its development. Here are a few guidelines, that if adhered to, will insure an orderly development.

Colors are significant in SVP and therefore Sympsionics. Use the color charts found on these pages.
12.40 - Color

Families / Categories
Symbols will be organized when appropriate within Families or Categories. Families or Categories are defined by Symbol Elements common to the Family.

Symbol Elements
Symbol Elements are construction parts that convey similar meanings as they are used in combination in different symbols.

Simple Symbols
Simple Symbols are constructed along their own lines and do not contain any Symbol Elements used in any other symbol.

Compound Symbols
Compound Symbols are Complex Symbols that are made up of two or more Symbols and/or Symbol Elements.

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