Sympathetic Sympathizer

That physical or terrestrial thing, object or device which sympathizes to celestial radiation thus drawing it into sympathetic association. [See Law of Force, Attractive Force] In this dynamic the celestial radiation is the cause of the effect in the terrestrial object. When in this sympathetic state each has a sympathetic outreach for the other.

"The latent force excited by a sympathizer or resonating sphere, acting both as receptor and generator through the Trexar, in connection with metallic masses, merely extends the range of the neutral sympathetic attraction? in the metallic molecules, without corpuscular rupture, and this sympathetic outreach links the neutral center to its harmonic sympathizer (its opposite sex mate) as long as its sympathetic exciter (disturber of equilibrium) continues in action. When its sympathetic exciter is dissociated (disconnected), the Outreach returns and again nestles in the corpuscular embrace of the metallic mass. This is the polar sympathetic harness - rotation produced in a steel disk by associating the polar dominant current, which leads the triune terrestrial stream, with vibratory attraction on metallic mediums." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

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