Sympathetic Flow

"The sympathetic flow is not electric or magnetic (as we understand them), but the etheric sends its currents along our nerves; that the same influence (sympathetic association) holds true with solids, liquids and gases, and embraces all the kingdoms, animal, vegetable and mineral, that the only true medium existing in nature is the sympathetic flow, that the sympathetic flows from the brain comes on the order of the fifth and seventh positions of the atomic subdivision." (Keely)

"If metallic mediums are brought under the influence of this sympathetic flow they become organisms to carry the same influence with them." (Keely)

Sympathetic Flow, Undifferentiated
"These are some of the problems which Mr. Keely has had to solve before he could adapt his vibratory machinery to the etheric flow. The true conditions for transmitting it sympathetically through a differential wire of platinum and silver have now been attained, after eight years of intense study and elaborate experiment. The introductory indications began to show themselves about two years ago, but the intermissions on transmission were so frequent and so great as to discourage Mr. Keely from further research on this line. Then came one of those "inspirations" which men call "accident," revealing to him "the true conditions" necessary to produce a sympathetic flow, free of differentiation, proving conclusively the truth of his theory of the law governing the atomic triplets in their association. Differentiation, by compound negative vibration of their neutral centres, causes antagonism, and thus the great attractive power that aggregates them becomes one of dispersion or expansion, accompanied by immense velocity of rotation, which carries its influence through the whole volume of air, 230 cubic inches contained in sphere, within its 33 1/3 chord of its circle of coincidence. By this wire of platinum and silver the current of force is now passed to run the vibratory disk?, thus altogether upsetting the "compressed air" theory of Professor Barkes, Dr. Hall, and others of less note." Keely and His Discoveries

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