Steric Effects

The structure, properties, and reactivity of a molecule is dependent on straight forward bonding interactions including covalent bonds?, ionic bonds?, hydrogen bonds? and lesser forms of bonding. This bonding supplies a basic molecular skeleton that is modified by repulsive forces. These repulsive forces include the steric interactions described above. Basic bonding and steric are at times insufficient to explain many structures, properties, and reactivity. Thus steric effects are often contrasted and complemented by electronic effects implying the influence of effects such as induction, conjunction?, orbital symmetry, electrostatic? interactions, and spin state. There are more esoteric electronic effects but these are among the most important when considering structure and chemical reactivity.

A special computational procedure was developed to separate electronic and steric effects of an arbitrary group in the molecule and to reveal their influence on structure and reactivity. Wikipedia - Steric Effects (external link)

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