Creed, belief or awareness of things of the spirit or spiritual, as opposed to formalized and dogmatic religions. One may be spiritual and not religious.

"More than ever, it is time now for us to move from religiosity? to spirituality, which means replacing the sole belief in God with the knowledge of divine laws – that is, universal, natural, and spiritual laws. The well-being we seek, including on a material plane?, is to be found in this knowledge and in the wisdom that ensues. An ancient Rosicrucian? adage says, “It is from ignorance and ignorance alone that humans must free themselves.” It is indeed at the origin of the worst things a person can do to oneself, to others, and to one’s environment. It is also the source of different superstitions that demean humanity and prevent it from finding complete fulfillment. So give a spiritual direction to your life. In other words, do not be just a living thing, be a living soul." [Manifesto Appellatio?, Rosicrucian Order AMORC]

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