Spirit Communication

Perhaps one of the more controversial topics of our day is "Spirit Communication." This, like most topics, is little understood because it and Mind has not been understood and there has been so many forces arrayed against man's awakening. Likewise the unreasonable fear of death also hampers understanding. The monumental works of Cayce and Quimby can easily put aside any fears and doubts if people but looked at them with an open mind. Atlin demonstrates Mind or consciousness can reside outside the human organism showing consciousness can exist wherever there is a Neutral Center (which is what a Neutral Center is). Should we consider spirit communication as a communication from Mind to Mind the whole appearance of this controversial topic takes on new meaning and credibility.

Q: Can you speak about communication with discarnate beings?

A: "As you become more familiar with being in contact with your whole Mind, you will soon understand that which you call communication is a very natural and perpetual occurence. Those things which you now think of as being extraordinary are quite ordinary as you remove the barriers to experiencing more of your Self. You will begin to develop the sense that there isn't really such a gap between those who are in body and those who are not. As thoughts that you have are responded to in a form of comunication that is as clear to you as verbal dialogue with a friend three feet away, you begin to understand experientially that the essence of you is not identifiable as a body. It soon becomes obvious that because you are communicating mind to mind, there is no "space" between those minds that is not bridged by a single change of focus in your attention. And this becomes a foundation for remembering that when you have again accepted the wholeness of your Mind, you will not experience it as being separate from any other mind. The familiarity of feeling of Unified Mind begins to register with you.

"You will also discover, as you experience the harmony within this unity, that there is no feeling of a distinction made between that which is being expressed and experienced by one and what is acknowledged as the expression and experience of any other.

"It is only when you accept that which you call a personality that you develop the fear that your personality lacks something, and in the lacking, you need to shield yourself from the recognition of those around you. When you remember that there is nothing to be shielded from, when you recognize the joy that exists in the sharing of the experience as being the extension of unity, then you will understand why there are no barriers between communications as they exist within the Father's Creation." Dialogue on Awakening (external link), page 108

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