Fountainhead, author, spring, origin, root, originator. see Source One, Mind of God, Scalar, Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force

Source of All Energy
"The mighty forces latent in corpuscular matter, by which we are surrounded, are all held in oscillating vortex action by the Infinite Designer of workings hidden from us, until the time is ripe for their disclosure. This latent, registered power interchanges sympathetically with the celestial radiating streams, whereby light, heat, electricity, magnetism and galvanic action? are propagated in their different orders, vitalizing all nature with their life-giving principals.

When this great scientific and religious truth has been made known, and established by demonstration, all controversy as to the source of energy will be for ever silenced. If I am the chosen instrument to develop this knowledge, and to make known the conditions which surround this pure truth, it is only that I may hand the key to those who will use it to enter the doorway that opens into the inaudible, and thus gain an insight into the now invisible region of the operation of Nature's most powerful governing forces, in the control over terrestrial matter by celestial mind." Keely in Keely and His Discoveries pg. 365-367

Universal Source
". . . Know that the power or strength for any influence as related to the help of others must come from the universal source and not from self alone. For the individual may sow the seed, the Infinite must give the increase - it must do the multiplying. Man can detract, but he can add little to God's purpose in the earth save through the grace and mercy of God Himself." Cayce (3478-2)

Sun as Source Nikola Tesla
Whence comes all the motive power? What is the spring that drives all? We see the ocean rise and fall, the rivers flow, the wind, rain, hail and snow beat on our windows, the train and steamers come and go; we hear the rattling noise of carriages, the voices from the street; we feel, smell, and taste; and we think of all of this. And all this movement from the surging of the mighty ocean to that subtle movement concerned in our thought, has but one common cause. All this energy emanates from one single centre, one single source - the sun. The sun is the spring that drives all. The sun maintains all human life and supplies all human energy.Nikola Tesla
[The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy]

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