"What is the soul but life in latent suspension? The motion exhibited in matter shows that its soul is ever present; and yet there are men of great learning, as taught in the schools, who, after spending their lives in researching all forms of matter, deny that all living things depend on one everlasting Creator and Ruler, in whom they live and move and have their being through all time, as much as when He first breathed into them the breath of celestial radiation; and to whom they are as closely allied, still, by the workings of the great cosmical law of sympathetic association, as when the evolutionary work of creation commenced.

"The ancients were far better schooled in spiritual philosophy than are we of the present age. Their mythological records, in their symbolical meaning, prove this fact. They recognized this latent element as the very breath of the Almighty; the sympathetic outflow of the trinity of force, the triple spiritual essence of God Himself. Their conceptions of Deity were greater and truer than our own. From them we learn that when God said 'Let there be light,' He liberated the latent celestial element that illuminates the world: that when He breathed into man the breath of life, He impregnated him with that latent soul–element that made him a living and moving being." [Clara Bloomfield-Moore, The Veil Withdrawn]

"The soul can never be wounded. Only our idea of who we are carries the wound." Kiesha Crowther, Message for the Tribe of Many Colors, page 54

"The soul is but the record of man's thinking." Russell, The Universal One (external link)

"The chemistry of thesoul of all idea is registered in the master tones, known as the inert gases.

"The soul is the matrix of the body just as the master tones are the matrices of the elements.

"The inert master tones of an octave of the elements contains a complete and exact record of every effect of motion within its octave." Russell, The Universal One (external link)

"If you will but remember that Soul is DESIRE in the seed, its motivating force, you will then comprehend how the inert gas acts as a nucleus, or center around which matter in motion accumulates to make a new body. This it could not do without the motivating force of desire, for nothing is, or becomes, without desire. [Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema]

"It is not the knowledge, then, but what one does with one's abilities, one's opportunities in relationships to others, that makes for the development or retardment of that individual. For life in its manifestations through which the soul of an entity or body may manifest is purposeful, and that the individual, the soul may find its way through the vicissitudes of experience in materiality, that it may know its God. For He manifested in flesh that the evil forces, as manifest in the relationships of individuals as one to another, may be eradicated from the experiences of man." Cayce (1293-1)

"The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting." Cayce (3459-1)

"For, those things that are as hindrances or troubles MUST be turned into stepping-stones, and not stumbling-stones; else a soul falls backward rather than progresses." Cayce (2331-1)

"The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result." Cayce (792-2)

"For, know that each soul constantly meets its own self. No problem may be run away from. Meet it now!" Cayce (1204-3)

"For the entity, as each soul, is a portion of the whole. Thus, though a soul may be as but a speck upon the earth's environs, and the earth in turn much less than a mote in the universe, if the spirit of man is so attuned to the Infinite, the music of harmony becomes as the divine love that makes for the awareness in the experience of the Creative Forces working with self for the knowledge of the associations with same." Cayce (1469-1)

"The study from the human standpoint, of subconscious, subliminal, psychic, Soul forces, is and should be the great study for the human family, for through self man will understand its Maker when it understands its relation to its Maker, and it will only understand that through itself, and that understanding is the knowledge as is given here in this state." Cayce (3744-5)

"For in patience, as He gave, ye become aware of thy soul. For as the entity finds, we are body, we are mind, we are soul. The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting. Life in its expression, then, in a mental and in a material world, is only a mental and material manifestation of the soul-entity; that which was brought into being as a part of Creative Forces. Thus it is eternal." Cayce (3459-1)

"The soul is an individual, individuality, that may grow to be one with, or separate from, the whole. The spirit is the impelling influence of infinity, or the one creative source, force, that is manifest. ...spirit is the life-giving force in every condition, whether of mental or material action." Cayce (5749-3) underline added

"There is a vast deal of difference between spiritual and soul forces, for, as given, each force there has been set guards or bounds. Spirit forces are the animation of ALL LIFE giving life-producing forces in animate or inanimate forces." Cayce (900-17)

"Let's not confuse the terms soul and spirit, for they are not the same." Edgar Cayce, in a speech in Washington DC, February 3, 1935

"This to some would appear an old, old, soul; yet all souls are as one - they were all of the same; for soul is eternal." Cayce (2542-1)

"We have many phases of mind. We have the mind of the spirit consciousness, of the physical sub-conscious?, or soul. We have the mind of the physical body, through which any or all of these may manifest." Cayce (900-21)

Mind Matter and Energy Triangle

Two Minds

"These conditions, mind of the soul, mind of the physical body, mind of the spiritual entity, are separated, that one may gain the knowledge of its action." Cayce (900-21)

(Q) Explain the law of the line of demarcation between soul and spirit.
(A) This is one, yet distinct - even as the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit is one..." Cayce (5749-3)

"... the subconscious mind ... never forgets, and is the... mind of the soul ...." Cayce (5756-4)

(Q) "Explain what the divide between the soul and spiritual forces is? How manifest, and how we may study self to gain the approach to that divide."
(A) "This (is) of the spiritual entity in its entirety. The superconscious (is) the divide, that one-ness lying between the soul and the spirit force, within the spiritual entity. Not of earth forces at all, only awakened with the spiritual indwelling and acquired individually." Cayce (900-21)

"Keep it [your soul] then in patience, in love, in gentleness, in kindness . . . For these are indeed the fruits of the spirit . . . And remember, a kindness sometimes consists in denying as well as granting those activities in associations with thy fellow man." Cayce (5322-1)

"Immortality is of the Soul..." Cayce (900-147)

Cayce taught that Mankind's great spiritual struggle revolved around the issue of division:

"... the Cayce source was struggling against all kinds of dualism?, all efforts to make the split between matter and spirit, between God and creation, between reason and revelation, into cosmic splits rather than conveniences of thought. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung? has suggested that most dualisms are rooted in an unhealthy separation of spheres of the psyche, of consciousness and the unconscious, of Ego from a deeper Self." Harmon H. Bro?, "Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience", p.237.

(Q) What form of consciousness does the entity assume after Death?
(A) That of the subconscious consciousness, as known in the material plane, or the acts and deeds, and thoughts, done in the body, are ever present before that being. Then consider what a Hell digged by some, and what a haven and heaven builded by many." Cayce (5756-4)

"In the first cause, or principle, all is perfect. In the creation of soul, we find the portion may become a living soul and equal with the Creator. To reach that position, when separated, must pass through all stages of development, that it may be one with the Creator." Cayce (900-10)

Old Soul
(Q) Am I an old or a young soul in evolutionary growth?
(A) "All souls are from one. It is the application that has grown to be that which is termed old or young soul. For all souls were created in the one. The entity has applied self, the entity has kept self close in contact with many who have through the awareness of the oneness of God's purpose with man been attempting to bring him to that awareness; and hence an "Old" soul in service." Cayce (1770-2)

Hazart Khan
"People say the soul on hearing the song of creation entered the body but, in reality the soul itself was the song". [Sufi Master, Hazart Khan? - 14th Century]

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