Son of God

Also Sons of God

(Q) Is it true that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, and what does this mean?

(A) "In this to give the full concept is to give the history then of all those who have entered into flesh WITHOUT that act which man knows as copulation?. For as those experiences Jesus, known as Jesus, the brother of this entity, came into the earth, the FIRST that were of the sons of God to enter flesh, THERE the first and only begotten of God. Again, as names would say, Enoch? walked with God, became aware of God in his movements - STILL that entity, that SOUL called Jesus - as Melchizedek?, without father, without mother, came - STILL the soul of Jesus; the portion of God that manifests.

"But each son, each daughter, through these very acts of the only begotten, of the son of Mary?, of the first in the earth, of that without father and without mother, without days, without years - becomes then as the elder brother to all who are BORN in the earth, as the maker, as the creator, as the first, as the last; as the beginning, as the end of man's soul's experience through the earth and throughout the spheres of consciousness in and about the earth.

"Thus is He the only begotten, the firstborn, the first to know flesh, the first to purify it.

"And so man in his concepts, in his understandings, in his wisdom of God, purifies - here a little, there a little." Cayce 1158 - 005

Abhasa Chaitanya? or Purusha, the Sons of God. This Holy Ghost, being the manifestation of the Omniscient Nature of the Eteral Father, God, is no other substance than God Himself; and so these reflections of spiritual rays are called the Sons of God - Abhasas Chaitanya? or Purusha. (Swami Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science, Sutra 5)

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