Keely Discoveries 1 On the enharmonic sixths, that the vibration of the intermolecule
Keely Discoveries 1 on the dominant etheric sixths, 8,100,000,000; and on the interetheric
Keely Discoveries 2 stream of vibratory antagonistic thirds, sixths, or ninths, on their chord mass
Keely Discoveries 2 the instrument is set on thirds, sixths, and ninths, to get the best effect.

Keely Discoveries 2 Second, sixths: resolving the hydrogen and oxygen into

Keely Discoveries 2 until the harmony of thirds, sixths, and ninths are reached;

Keely Discoveries 2 representing the thirds, sixths, and ninths
Keely Discoveries 2 represent a confliction by thirds, sixths, and ninths, as towards the harmonic
Keely Discoveries 2 transmissive chords of the thirds, sixths and ninths to bombard upon

Keely Discoveries 2 and on the sixths, or atomic graduation, 360 revolutions 

Keely Discoveries 3 Here we have a clue to the Thirds, Sixths and Ninths of Keely's theories
Keely Discoveries 3 established, by negatizing the thirds, sixths, and ninths of this concordance
Keely Discoveries 3 2nd. the harmonic sixths neutralizing affinity
Keely Discoveries 3 antagonizes the discordant sixths extending the range of their oscillating

Keely Discoveries 3 meaning, second harmonic bar on sixths, or neutralizing one

Keely Information The instrument is set on the sixths, to liberate intermolecular latent
Keely Information set on the ninths dominant, the sixths harmonic, and the thirds enharmonic
Keely Information Sixths.– Sympathetic impregnation of matter.

Keely Information revolutions per minute, and on the sixths or atomic graduation, 360 revolutions

Keely Information established on the ratio of thirds, sixths, and ninths
Keely Information focalized intensity, 100 in my system: sixths in the depolar field, or 66 2/3

Keely Information On the sixths and ninths, in the progressive triple

Keely Information triple stream? which represents the sixths in vibratory sympathetic physics
Keely's Laws of Harmony established, by negatizing the thirds, sixths and ninths of this concordance
Keely's Laws of Harmony spirals are governed by Sixths (inversion Thirds)

Keely's Laws of Harmony These can and do include thirds, sixths, sevenths?, elevenths?, etc.

SVP Articles There are still thirds, fourths?, fifths?, sixths and sevenths?
SVP Articles Of the sixths, there are 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6 and 5/6. 

SVP Articles individual note making 6 sevenths?, 5 sixths, 4 fifths?, 2 fourths? and a keynote

Table 14.05 - All phrases in HyperVibes™ containing "sixths" found in the digitized Keely literature. (All of the Keely literature has yet to be digitized.).

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Table 14.05 - All phrases in HyperVibes containing the term sixths

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