The revolution period of Mars divided by the revolution period of Earth equals an interval in music called a major 7th. It is amazing to me that when dividing the two planets diameters I got the same interval.

The diameter of Mars divided by 19.5 (key latitude of major up welling in all planets) = 216 (moon)

The Earth's solar year X the Mars diameter = 1533168 (two highly important numbers in sacred geometry: 153 and 3168)

The Mars diameter divided by the Earth's diameter = exactly one half of 1.059 (one half step in music)

These equations are analogous to the trademark of the ancient pyramid builders who incorporated such astronomical numbers as 25,920 (years in the great cycle or precession? of the equinoxes) in their monuments. Notice their trademark which is to have the half step represented as half 1.059 and to show this interval in multiple ways. It's very simple if you follow their logic; a half step in music IS the major 7th! Starting on any root note, going down one half step is the root note's major 7th. Example: Root note "C". Down one half step is "B". Up a major 7th is also "B" .

Mars / Earth and Earth / Mars, show us the same interval with their diameters and rotation/revolution periods. Are these observations random? Or could it be revealing sciences of sympathetic vibratory physics that we yet to fully understand. The universe is made of the same vibrations it harmonically displays. The harmonics of our solar system reflect the cyclical nature of vibration and atoms, and music plays a leading role. James Furia, 1999

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