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Scalar - Eric Dollard

…for those who’s minds have been polluted by the prevalent quantum goddess reality:Let us turn to the Heaviside Equation which is the most fundamental equations in all of Electrical Engineering

(RG + XB) + j (XG – RB) = propagation constant squared where

R resistance in Ohms
G conductance in Siemens
X reactance in Henrys per second
B susceptance in Farads per second

RG is the scalar or DC component that is NOT A WAVE,
XB is the longitudinal or AC component and is an alternating electric wave
XG is the transverse or OC component and is a forward moving oscillating electric wave. RB is the transverse or OC component and is a reverse moving oscillating electric wave
This equation allows for all electrical conditions in time and or space and combinations thereof. The example equation is the dimensions of time (see: Steinmetz Theory of Transient Electric Waves and Phenomenon and also my paper: Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave.)

The air in the room; the room is filled with air and has atmospheric pressure of 2998 mB, your stereo is blasting away, the speakers are creating longitudinal waves having length and frequency and exert a oscillating force centered on 2998 mB (+ or – 10 mB)
RG is the air pressure, a scalar
XB is the sound of the stereo, a longitudinal wave
XG = RB, thus no transverse waves exist (XG – RB) = ZERO

Hence (RG + XB) is what is going on in the room, the disinformers have convinced you that this whole quantity (RB + XB) is scalar, RG is the only scalar component. It is DC and has NO FREQUENCY, no WAVELENGTH and thus NO WAVE! SCALER = NO WAVE – GET IT???
If people don’t get this fundamental concept – my time is better spent talking to my pet Coyote… I have nothing further to say…
Scalar by Eric Dollard (external link)

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