Little "s" self: Ego, personality, intellect. Lower Self.
Capital "S" Self: I AM, Christ Consciousness, Lord, Self Realization, Whole Mind. Higher Self.

‎"Man, know thyself and thou will know the universe and the Gods." - Pythagoras

"If ye would find self, look within. Know what is thine own ideal - spiritual, mental, material... For judge not if ye be not judged - this is the law. When ye judge, the same judgement ye are passing to thyself." Cayce (3457-1)

"Thus ye may find in thy mental and spiritual self, ye can make thyself just as happy or just as miserable as ye like. How miserable do ye want to be?" Cayce (2995-3)

"To thine own self be true and thou wilt not be false to anyone." Cayce (1406-1)

" ... those that seek to know self may find the way. Those that find the way become content, and find joy, peace ..." Cayce (352-1)

"'In all thy getting, my son, get understanding' (Proverbs 4:7). That of Self. When one understands self, and self's relation to its Maker, the duty to its neighbor, its own duty to self, it cannot, it will not be false to man or to is Maker." Cayce (3744-4)

". . . there is no urge in the astrological, in the vocational, in the hereditary or the environmental which surpasses the will or determination of the entity . . . it is true there is nothing in heaven or hell that may separate the entity from the knowledge or from the love of the Creative Force called God, but self." Cayce (5023-2)

"Each entity is a part of the universal whole. All knowledge, all understanding that has been a part of the entity's consciousness, then, is a part of the entity's experience. Thus the unfoldment in the present is merely becoming aware of that experience through which the entity, either in body or in mind - has passed in a consciousness." Cayce (2823-1)

"This is what was meant by the command to the individual Soul to be fruitful, to multiply, to subdue the earth. Too oft does the individual apply this only to secular or sexual associations, when it has nothing whatsoever to do with such in the spiritual or mental self, but has to do with the spiritual and mental in controlling, in governing self, self's appetites, self's desires, self's impatience, self's willfulness. Thus does one multiply. Thus does one SUBDUE the influences of materiality." Cayce (1056-2)

"Know in self, first this: Thou art body, mind and Soul, a three-dimensional individual in a three-dimensional consciousness. Hence ye find the Godhead, to a consciousness of an individual in the earth plane, is three dimensions: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each are individual, and yet they are one. So with the body-consciousness: the body, the mind and the Soul. Each have their attributes, each have their limitations, save the Soul. Nothing may separate the Soul from its source save the will of self." Cayce (5089-3)

"Know that the answer to every problem, to every joy, to every sorrow, is within self." Cayce (2581-2)

"Do not trust in forces other than those that are within self." Cayce (3384-1)

"The beginning of knowledge is to know self and self's relationship to God! Then the relationship to the fellow man; then material knowledge to any entity, any Soul, may become valuable, worthwhile, aggressive advancing - success!" Cayce (1249-1)

"Know, self is the only excuse. Self is the only sin; that is, selfishness- and all the others are just a modification of that expression of the ego. But so close is the Ego, the I Am, to the Great I Am, That I Am, that the confusions of duty and privilege and opportunity become so enmeshed in the experience of the entity. And so great are the abilities of the entity to make of this experience a glory for the living God, that to fail would be indeed calamitous in the experience of this soul!" Cayce (1362-1)

"For he that contributes only to his own welfare soon finds little to work for. He that contributes only to the welfare of others soon finds too much of others and has lost the appreciation of self, or of its ideals." Cayce (3478-2)

"Show due consideration as to how much ye owe the world, rather than as to how much the world owes you! The world owes every individual only an opportunity to express itself and its ideal of the Creative Forces - which will find expression in the manner we treat our fellow men." Cayce (2172-1)

"The study from the human standpoint, of subconscious, subliminal, psychic, Soul forces, is and should be the great study for the human family, for through self man will understand its Maker when it understands its relation to its Maker, and it will only understand that through itself, and that understanding is the knowledge as is given here in this state." Cayce (3744-5)

"The self is constantly meeting self. And as ye may learn to stand aside and watch self pass, there may come more and more the knowledge and the comprehension that it is earnest, it is real; and that the real is rather the unseen than that which is so material as to cause disappointments, fears, and those things that make the mind of man afraid. There may be circles at times, but NO standing still for the development of a soul. For it is in movement, in change, that we find awareness have and do come, and ever will be. For it is the divine law." Cayce (1771-2)

" ... ye are to fulfill the purpose for which each Soul enters the earth - which is to manifest to the glory of God (that is, to love) and to the honor of self." Cayce (3333-1)

"For, whatever the entity chooses to do may be accomplished; provided that the Ego does not get ahead of the I AM in the entity's experience. For, if self is placed first and foremost, this is as the "little book" which when eaten turns to gall? within the experience of the entity. Using the abilities in any direction to the glory of the Creative Forces may bring honor and fame, as well as much of this world's goods. Allowing self to become self-centered, the best friends may be as outcasts from the entity, and peace and harmony within self be as naught." Cayce (3126-1)

"As to whether circumstances or environ is to rule an entity's being or experience, or WILL, depends then - the most - upon what the entity or Soul sets as its standard of qualifications to meet or measure up to, within its OWN self; or as to how well self may be guided by its standard in making decisions in those directions." Cayce (590-1)

"Keep thine own self from condemning in others that thou doest in thine own mind or heart, for that one sows in the mind is reaped in the action of another toward self; or self measures self by the action of self's mind builded toward that of another. So make thine own paths straight." Cayce (5459-2)

"If the experiences are ever used for self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, each entity does so to its own undoing, or creates for self that as has been termed or called karma - and must be met. And in meeting every error, in meeting every trial, in meeting every temptation? - whether these be mental or really physical experiences - the manner and purpose and approach to same should be ever in that attitude, "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in and through me." Cayce (1224-1)

"No fault, no hurt comes to self save that thou hast created in thine consciousness, in thine inner self, the cause. For only those that ye love may hurt you." Cayce (262-83)

"Until individuals are in their thought, purpose and intent the law - that is constructive - they are subject to same.

Hence those injunctions that have been so oft given "When ye know the truth, the truth shall indeed set you free" (John 8:32). Free from what? That of SELF." Cayce (1538-1)

"There's no feeling quite like the one you get when you get the truth: You're the captain of the ship called you. You're setting the course, the speed and you're out there on the bridge, steering." Carl Frederick?

(Q) In regard to the entity’s life reading (295-1), just what is it that is innate in the entity that would lead to unhappiness in marriage?

(A) Mistrust of men!

(Q) Does this mean the entity should never consider marriage in this life, but go through life never expecting to have a home of her own, for which she has yearned since a child?

(A) Be well to choose, or to take that one — if she so desires — and bear the consequences! Make her a bigger and a better woman! but those conditions as we have outlined are as we have seen them!

(Q) How can the entity best overcome the loneliness that so often besets her?

(A) Fill the life with the interests of others, and not so much of self — or belittle self, or condemn self for the conditions. Fill the life in the interests of others." Cayce (295-2)

"In the application of self as towards will's influence: This the factor through which one develops or retards in the earthly experience." Cayce (97-2)

"Then do thou that thou knowest to be the constructive experience in thy field, and trouble not thy mind or heart as to others. For the very thought of there becoming turmoil is opening the way for turmoil." Cayce (816-10)

"What ye do to others, ye are doing to thyself." Cayce (3198-3)

"First, know self. For if ye know self, ye know thy fellow man." Cayce (3006-1)

"Condemning of self is as much of an error as condemning others." Cayce (3292-1)

"Remember, the Lord thy God is One! Thy experiences through the earth then are one. The activities of thy body, thy mind, thy Soul should be then as one. And each experience to thine self comes as those influences that make for regeneration, uplift, the experience which if taken into the activities of self becomes as the means for bringing harmony and peace in the inner self." Cayce (1183-1)

"For, as ye analyze thyself and thy relationships with thy fellow men day by day, ye realize the fact, the truth, that "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto me.

"Then ye realize with what manner of judgment ye may expect, ye may desire to be judged by that part of thyself which IS to be glorified ONLY in thy daily application, use, or the admonitions in the use of same towards others.

"Then as ye realize and apply that, it does not become a matter of what one professes to believe, or what one says with the mouth, but what one does in secret, in the mind, in the self, TOWARD that it professes and admonishes and insists that others believe!

"And such activities - of thy inner mind and of thy outer expression - are to be wholly CONSISTENT one with another!" Cayce (2174-2)

"KNOW that the Creative Energy called God may be as personal as an individual will allow same to be; for the Spirit is in the image of the Creative Forces and seeks manifestation. It may take that personality, that personal activity that will be allowed by the individual itself; for we are co-laborers, co-creators with that Energy we call God, that Energy we call Universal Forces. While this may appear to be the Whole, if we will understand that 'The Lord thy God is ONE' and all power, all force emanates from that One Source?, we will get an understanding of ourselves and our abilities. KNOW SELF! Be TRUE TO SELF and ye will not be false to anyone!" Cayce (391-4)

"In the first was given man and mind (to) subdue the earth in every element. As given, again all manner of animal in the earth, in the air, under the sea, has been tamed of man, yet the man himself has not reached that wherein he may perfectly control himself, save making the will One with the Creator, as man makes the will of the animal one with his. The control then in trained animals being the projection in man." Cayce (900-31)

"But impress upon self, and upon all, that the body is associated or affiliated with not a goody-goody attitude but being purposefully good for something!

"Parade not thy ideals. Be humble. Be gentle. Be kind. Be sincere.

"Be true to self, to self’s obligations, to self’s promises; that there may be within self the purpose to meet all factors — good, bad, indifferent — in such a manner that the experience may be for betterment of every nature, for every member of the family — as well as those ye meet day by day." Cayce (934-6)

Q. "How may I find ease in the presence of others?"

A. "By creating ease first within self. Make self right by that determination that others may do as they may, but the self will serve the living God, the creative forces, the hopeful energies. The love, the experiences that will come to the entity and those about it in such a work will bring such an awakening that the entity may blot out those things that make afraid. For, remember, as He has given, "though ye may have wandered far afield, if ye call I will hear," and will answer thee speedily." Cayce (2181-1)

"...put self in the other fellow's place ... Then may the life be the more joyous, the more at peace, the more in accord." Cayce (930-1)

"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls." Howard Thurman?

"Each one who has a Soul has a psychic power; but remember, brother, there are no shortcuts to God! You are there - but self must be eliminated." Cayce (5392-1)

"First big job is to conquer self! Know the ideal. Do apply it in self. Learn to live with self and you'll learn to live with others. People are not different from yourself. They have ideas also and they may be just as near right as self. But there is an ideal way. How? Living with others." Cayce (5392-1)

"In the care of self, selflessness is great. But be more mindful of the little niceties about self and you will find a pride in self - not a false pride. But as nature manifested in its Maker, it does the best it can with what it has and looks the most beautiful with what it has to do with. Thy body, too, is indeed the temple of the living God. Keep it beautiful. Be mindful of the care of same, and you - too - will think more of it. So will there be more of the abilities to be conscious of His presence meeting with thee in thy temple; forget it not." Cayce (3179-1)

"For as in the manner ye treat thy fellow man ye treat thy Maker. And ye cannot do that which is questioning in thine own heart and soul to thy neighbor, to thy wife, to thy child, without it bringing turmoil, without it bringing discontent, without it bringing confusion. For these are the children of confusion, questioning thine own self." Cayce (417-8)

"Faults in others are first reflected in self. When such conditions arise in the experience of an entity, there should be first those considerations of that in self that has produced such a reflection, so that the God shining through any activity is lost sight of by self in the fellow man; especially one that is seeking for the spiritual activities in a material plane, and he that would gain the world and lose self's own soul has lost all." Cayce (452-3)

"And a man said, Speak to us of Self-Knowledge. And he answered, saying: Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights. But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart's knowledge...

Then said a teacher, Speak to us of Teaching. And he said: No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge." Kahlil Gibran?, The Prophet

"Choosing between truth and oneself, the one who chooses truth finds truth and his own being. And the one who chooses himself loses both.

Man has to lose himself before he becomes the truth. No one moves into truth without paying this price. One's very existing is the barrier. One's very self veils the truth. The only obstruction is this vision. . . this seeing the world from the confined vision of "ego." Except this "Ego vision," nothing separates man from the truth. Becoming the "I" is man's downfall. He falls down only in the gravitation of the "I", and only in losing the "I" does he rise above, into this blessed existence. To be the "I" is to be lower. To become the "no-I" is to rise above.

But what appears like losing "I" is in reality not losing - it is gaining. The identity which you will lose is not your identity - it is only a dream, and the identity you find when you lose it is the truth.

When it completely loses itself within the earth, the seed sprouts and becomes a tree." OSHO

“You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. Thats what gives you dignity, that the whole existence will miss you. The stars and sun and moon, the trees and birds and earth - everything in the universe will feel a small place is vacant which cannot be filled by anybody except you. This gives you a tremendous joy, a fulfillment that you are related to existence, and existence cares for you. Once you are clean and clear, you can see tremendous love falling on you from all dimensions.” Osho

Bambara Proverb
"God gives nothing to those who keep their arms crossed." Bambara Proverb

"Keep your attention focused entirely on what is truly your own concern, and be clear that what belongs to others is their business and none of yours. If you do this, you will be impervious to coercion and no one can ever hold you back. You will be truly free and effective, for your efforts will be put to good use and won't be foolishly squandered finding fault with or opposing theirs." - Epictetus?

"The moment you are willing to change, it is remarkable how the Universe begins to help you. It brings you what you need. It could be a book, a tape, a teacher or even a friend making a passing remark that suddenly has deep meaning to you." Louise L. Hay?, "The Power Is Within You"

"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. There was no one there." ((Martin Luther King, Jr.)), "The Strength to Love"

"When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing. The personality that is engaged in the work of its Soul is buoyant. It is not burdened with negativity. It does not fear. It experiences purposefulness and meaning. It delights in its work and in others. It is fulfilled and fulfilling." Gary Zukov?, "The Seat of the Soul"

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