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Web site: http://ray.tomes.biz/ (external link) - These web pages are about cycles in everything, the ultimate formula for the universe, the Harmonics theory, some thoughts on music theory and some of my art and writing.

Ray Tomes studied maths and physics at University and went into a computer career in 1967. He was involved in both systems software development and making models for predicting economic conditions. In 1977 he accidentally discovered some cycles in the New Zealand economy and noticed that they had frequencies in the proportion 4:5:6:8 which is a major chord in music. Then studying weekly corn prices a large number of cycles were found which corresponded to the musical scale over several octaves and including all the white (whole) notes plus two black (half) notes. At this time, non-linear systems? were in vogue with the Mandelbrot set? and such like. It was clear to Ray that non-linear systems? must develop harmonics and that in real world systems there must be many steps in processes of cause and effect.

By 1989 he had arrived at a very simple calculation based on harmonics of harmonics (called "Harmonics Theory?") that shows why the major chord and musical scales are exactly as they are and how these fit commonly found economic and other cycles. Visiting the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) in 1990 he found that many of his discoveries had already been made by others, and gave a talk "Towards a Unified Theory of Cycles" http://www.cyclesresearchinstitute.org/cycles-general/tomes_unified_cycles.pdf (external link)

Gradually it became clear that Harmonics Theory? was able to explain the detailed structure of the Universe, predicting that strong structures would exist in the Universe at distance scale ratios near to 34560, which matches the observed sequence:
Hubble scale, galaxies, stars, planets, moons, x, y, cells, atoms, nucleons, (quarks?). Within each level, sublevel structures were also explained. Ray propagated these ideas through Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) and internet and did studies on cycles in everything from atomic physics, vibrations to galactic super-clusters and geological cycles. These last two are actually manifestations of the same single wave with 586 million year period.

Ray retired at the end of 1989 to work on "The Formula for the Universe" as he likes to call it. He spent a further 10 years (in addition to about 5 years before that) studying full time cycles and Harmonics Theory?.

In the late 1990s, Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) became defunct, and so Ray contacted some past members in USA and UK and met with them and agreed to start a new internet cycles organization which was called Cycles Research Institute? (or CRI) http://www.cyclesresearchinstitute.org (external link) and which published new articles and a selection of best articles from Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) and Edward R Dewey who was the founder of Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link). Later a new organization called itself Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) and tried to claim copyright of Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) works, but Cycles Research Institute? has on file letters from Edward R Dewey's son that Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) was defunct and all material made available without copyright. The best overview of Foundation for the Study of Cycles (external link) and Dewey's findings are given in the paper "The Case for Cycles" http://www.cyclesresearchinstitute.org/cycles-general/case_for_cycles.pdf (external link)

In 1998, Ray took up practicing Vipassana meditation which is a method to remove impurities from the body and mind and develops awareness of subtle energies? in the body. http://www.dhamma.org/ (external link)

Some Links:

Ray has a large amount of material on his web site and in various forums:

Ray Tomes "Cycles in the Universe" http://ray.tomes.biz/ (external link)
Maths and Physics of Harmonics Theory http://ray.tomes.biz/maths.html (external link)
Cymatics experiments (helps to understand particles) http://ray.tomes.biz/cymatics.htm (external link)

Wobbly Universe playlist on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL804B5A8D2E390874 (external link)
the most popular talks are on Chakras and Acupuncture points http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYhniOMr7Ec&list=PL804B5A8D2E390874&index=13 (external link)
and Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BTcmuGdLCU&list=PL804B5A8D2E390874&index=4 (external link)
and the "How to make a Universe" series.

A rather old discussion from Alexandria forum gives insight to connections between ancient and modern knowledge on music, universe and humans http://ray.tomes.biz/alex.htm (external link)

BAUT Forum (now called CosmoQuest) has astronomy discussions but they are very strict about anything that they call "Against he Mainstream" which includes all of Ray's ideas. Ray was banned from the site because they really don't like alternative ideas standing up well against their prejudices.
Harmonics Theory (a long thread with many graphs, questions and discussions) http://cosmoquest.org/forum/showthread.php?63081-Harmonics-Theory (external link)
How to make a Universe archive (there may be a versions with graphics somewhere) http://cosmoquest.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-63034.html (external link)
Ray also have many posts on http://www.spacetimeandtheuniverse.com (external link) and Thunderbolts forum (currently down)

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