Radial Forces

(radiant, radiation, radio-active)
"Not always are radial forces negative forces. Only when they become passive, or of being acted upon as gravitation, do they become negative forces - while they are emanating from the positive; else they would not be drawn to the earth's force, in ITS emanation with the positive rays - and they are positive rays. From the sun's emanation does it produce the heat, see? This is seen in a BETTER application, in that the deflection from - and the direct rays OF - the sun's emanation TO the earth, THROUGH the various stages of its activity, brings summer, or the heat wave, or the moving OF the various forms; for these - acting UPON - become negative, and then are POSITIVE in their action, though at times these, to be sure, become negative in their action; for each has its radial activity and is throwing OFF, as well as drawing TO. Hence the various positions or conditions as is seen in sun, through the activity of the various forms of gas or metal, or those various conditions that seem to cause the various eruptions as apparent within the sun itself. It receives as well as throws off, is positive as well as negative - see? and only until it becomes in such a force that it is altogether negative, as the gravitation that holds in place - for when each are lost in their relative position, these then are thrown off, as was the moon from the earth, or as is the various satellites of the various planets, as WELL as the various effects out in Space." Cayce (195-70) See also Balance, Reciprocal

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