Pressure produced by Vibration

"In one experiment in liberating ozone by molecular percussion, including luminosity, a percussive molecular force of 110,000 lbs. per square inch was registered on the testing lever. This enormous pressure caused the heavy steel parts to so bend and bulge that the instrument was at that time unfitted for further experiments and had to be repaired.

"The (etheric vapor) from the liberator registers 20,000 lbs. per square inch when the rotary atomic oscillation is 1333 1/3 times the normal diameter of the atmospheric molecule. At

20,000 lbs. when the range is 1333 1/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule
10,000 lbs. when the range is 666 2/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule
5,000 lbs. when the range is 333 1/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule
2,500 lbs. when the range is 166 2/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule
1,250 lbs. when the range is 83 1/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule
625 lbs. when the range is 41 2/3 x normal diameter of atmospheric molecule

"being normal at the commencement of the experiment, in other words, with no vacuum or pressure in the sphere." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

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