Polarity of a wave is of the nature of the greater preponderance of the force which is in it, either entropy or syntropy. The radiations or vibrations from a wave are always of the nature of the polarity, either entropic or syntropic.

Polarity is determined by number (odd or even). Polarity of a thing is of the nature of the greater amount of the force which is in it, either negative or positive. The radiations or vibrations from a thing are always of the nature of the polarity, either negative or positive.

In relation to transducers, the direction of output signal change (positive and negative) caused by motion in a specific direction (toward or away from the transducer) in the sensitive axis of the transducer. Normal convention is motion toward the transducer which will produce a positive going signal. (Bentley Nevada Corporation; Field of Rotating Machinery Measurement, Monitoring and Analysis)

Polarity, Night & Day
(Q) Please explain the existence of darkness before the existence of light.

(A) . . . He has not willed that any soul should perish, but from the beginning has prepared a way of escape! What, then, is the meaning of the separation? Bringing into being the various phases that the soul may find in its manifested forms the consciousness and awareness of its separation, and itself, by that through which it passes in all the various spheres of its awareness. Hence the separation, and light and darkness. Darkness, that it had separated that a soul had separated itself from the light. Hence He called into being Light, that the awareness began. Hence we look out and see the heavens, the stars; and, as the psalmist has said: "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork, as day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth knowledge" . . .

(Q) (288): Is it true that day and night are condensed or miniature copies of incarnations into the earth and into planetary or spiritual sojourns; they in turn being miniature copies of what took place in the beginning?

(A) Very good, if you understood just what all this means! It’s a very good illustration of that which has just been given; as to how there is the evolution of the soul, evolution of the mind, but not evolution of matter save through mind, and that which builds same . . .

(Q) (295): May I have a message on Day and Night that will help me in my contribution to the lesson?

(A) Think on the experiences of self, as self has passed from darkness unto light, from day unto night, in the mental associations of that which makes the awareness of that which would make of thee a channel of blessings to many. And then there may be seen in self’s experience the meaning of what is Day , and what is Night. The ability to become aware; or, to put into other words, to become conscious is Day and Night . . .

(Q) (379): May I have a message that will help me in contributing to the lesson?

(A) In self’s own physical self there may be the illustration of Day and Night. Each element, each corpuscle of the body is a universe in itself, or a universe on the beginning of power and force. When there is that called dis-ease, there becomes the unawareness or the darkness of the light that may become Life in its manifested form. So, from Day and Night gain this lesson: Only in the experiencing of that which is the awareness of same may we know what is Day and Night. Cayce (262-56)


One of the most basic laws of life has to be understood. Life is based on polarity; everything exists with its polar opposite. Otherwise is not possible. Mind exists because of matter; mind is the polar opposite.

Consciousness exists because of unconsciousness?, the day exists because of the night, life exists because of death, happiness exists because of unhappiness, and so on and so forth. Everything exists because of its polar opposite. You cannot experience happiness unless you have deeply experienced unhappiness, and you cannot come to the ultimate ecstasy if you have not been thrown into ultimate agony. Hence the meaning of the world, hence this whole suffering. It is not meaningless.

People come to me and ask why God created this suffering world. "Why is there so much suffering if God is compassion?" Yes, God is compassion. Therefore, there is so much suffering. Unless you pass through suffering, you will not reach the ultimate ecstasy. It is a basic training. Unhappiness is a basic training for the ultimate flowering of happiness.

How can you reach ecstasy if you have not known agony? If you reach the world of ecstasy without knowing what agony is, you will not be able to recognize it. The recognition is impossible. Only through darkness can light be recognized.

You may be living in light, but if you don't know darkness you cannot know that you are living in light. A fish in the sea cannot know that the sea exists. Only if the fish is thrown out of the sea does it come to recognize the sea. If it is thrown back into the sea again, the fish will be totally different and the sea will be totally different. Now the fish will be able to recognize it.

Sansar, the world, is just a training ground. You must be thrown deeply into matter. Only then can you come back to the other pole, to the peak of consciousness.

This sutra says LOOK FOR THE FLOWER TO BLOOM IN THE SILENCE THAT FOLLOWS THE STORM: NOT TILL THEN. The real, authentic silence happens only after you have passed through a storm.

Only when the storm is over can the silence explode within you, never before.

You can create a false silence before the storm, but then you are just deluded. You can create a stillness - artificial, cultivated, forced from without - but it is not spontaneous, it is not of your inner being. Osho

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