Peter Graneau


Peter Graneau, 1921 - 2014

Sagnac Award (external link) winner.

Peter Graneau was born March 21, 1921 in Lissau, Poland (in the German region) and earned both his BS (1955) and PhD (1962) from the University of Nottingham, England, where he still maintains his citizenship. Emigrating to the US in 1967, Dr. Graneau worked at Simplex Wire & Cable Co until F 1971, when he became a research scientist at M.I.T. In the early 1980s, Graneau's experiments with railguns led him to seek solutions based on Ampere's original force law as an alternative to the unsatisfactory solutions of conventional electrodynamics?. In 1985 he moved to Northeastern University?, where he conducted some of his most significant experiments before retiring in 1990. He proposed Amperian electrodynamics to explain longitudinal forces along the direction of current flow, and devised experiments to produce longitudinal explosions or arcs in water from these forces. Joined by his colleague and son Neal, Dr. Graneau has published dozens of articles and books demonstrating that Amperian action-at-a-distance mechanics explain many phenomena regarded as anomalies in mainstream science. Among the most interesting and incisive writers about the problems of contemporary physics today, their books include Newton versus Einstein (1993), Newtonian Electrodynamics (1996), and In the Grip of a Distant Universe (2006). The Graneau team numbers among the several dissidents who have produced convincing experimental evidence contradictory to the predictions of Maxwell-Lorentz-Einstein electrodynamic theory. The series of experiments on water arcing, detailed in Unlimited Renewable Solar Energy from Water (2006), has profound implications in the field of New Energy. In his retirement, he continues to co-edit Infinite Energy magazine. World Science Database, Peter Graneau (external link)

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