Otis T. Carr

"Claims of inventors being either bought off or harassed are numerous and form a very long list. One prominent example is Otis T. Carr who successfully developed a free energy device that could be used to power a prototype civilian spacecraft. In the late 1950s, Carr succeeded in gaining private funding to develop a commercially viable model only for production to come to a halt after he refused offers to sell off his work. According to one of his technicians, Ralph Ring, a number of federal government agencies raided his California production plant in 1960 to close it down. The reason they gave was that it was a threat to the US. Monetary system since Carr’s device could lead to a collapse of the oil and power industries. In 1961, Carr was convicted of securities fraud. He was imprisoned and discredited. It was only the public emergence of Ring in 2007 that the truth of what happened to Carr had emerged." Article, China's payoff for hiding Free Energy technology (external link)

My friend Victor Hansen knew Otis and said his flying devices really did fly.

Radio interview from 1958; Margaret Storm? (Return of the Dove?), Otis T. Carr.
Carr radio interview (external link)

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