Orderly arrangement. Same as Subdivision, Gamut, Range, Dimension, degree, interval, step or delta of a range. Sometimes considered as divisions within a subdivision.
Also Order refers to the ordering (organizing) power of Syntropy to make order out of chaos. Also as most used within Sympathetic Vibratory Physics a varying change of state over time, progressively. [See Laws of Being]

Entropy has often been loosely associated with the amount of order, disorder, and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. The traditional qualitative description of entropy is that it refers to changes in the status quo of the system and is a measure of "molecular disorder" and the amount of wasted energy in a dynamical energy transformation from one state or form to another. In this direction, several recent authors have derived exact entropy formulas to account for and measure disorder and order in atomic and molecular assemblies. One of the simpler entropy order / disorder formulas is that derived in 1984 by thermodynamic physicist Peter Landsberg?, based on a combination of thermodynamics and information theory arguments. He argues that when constraints operate on a system, such that it is prevented from entering one or more of its possible or permitted states, as contrasted with its forbidden states, the measure of the total amount of “disorder” in the system is given by the first equation. Similarly, the total amount of "order" in the system is given by the second equation.

Disorder, Entropy

Disorder - Entropy
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Order, Syntropy

Order - Syntropy
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In which CD is the "disorder" capacity of the system, which is the entropy of the parts contained in the permitted ensemble, CI is the "information?" capacity of the system, an expression similar to Shannon's channel capacity (external link), and CO is the "order" capacity of the system. Wikipedia, Order and Disorder (external link)

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Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality
Table of Cause and Effect Dualities

Order and Chaos

by Dale Pond, 10/29/02

A lot could be said about orderliness and its precursor chaos. Chaos being our misinterpretation of that which we think we preceive. Chaos precedes order or synchronous beingness, activity. The Rosicrucians have a concept of periodicity that ranges from order to chaos and back to order. Chaos being experienced in the seventh period of any cycle. They call this seventh period the destructive period where the old is torn down making ready for the new cycle of order to be builded on/from the remains - the metaphysical or alchemical symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old.

Then there is the apparent chaos of the physical world which some view as a real thing to be isolated and studied as a separate thing, taken out of context of the Oneness of everything else that is. Poor science that divides and separates.

Scalar electromagnetics also solves one of the greatest problems of quantum mechanics - that of the missing chaos. Since partial order is now infolded into the structure of the vacuum, quantum mechanics acquires an "already chaotic" basis. For an excellent lay discussion of the missing chaos problem, see Robert Pool, Quantum Chaos: Engima Wrapped in a Mystery, Science, 243(4893), Feb. 17, 1989, p. 893-895. For a more technical discussion, see P.V. Elyutin, The Quantum Chaos Problem, Sov. Phys. Usp. 31(7), July, 1988, p. 596-622.''" Bearden

Quieting the thinking of the mind is constructive because quieting the thinking allows the duality / polarity of thinking to subside. In this manner healing (the natural whole orderly state) is resumed.

"The MIND acts upon the resuscitating forces of the physical being, by and through suggestion. Just so there may be the realization that spiritual forces are a part of the whole physical being. For, the REAL being is the spiritual import, intent and purpose, see? Thus a meditation, a centralizing, a localizing of the mind upon those portions of the system affected." Cayce (1992-3)

Mind is that quiescent latent state yet in its evolution or devolution? into matter undergoes a cycle of change from the One quiet state to a state we interprete as chaos. It builds up then disassembles itself making ready to build up anew. One could liken these two states to meditation and thinking of the will.

Q-Definition of the word MIND.

A-"That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the force that is in direct opposition of the will. ..." Cayce (3744-1)

So we get what we are thinking about. Mind creates a "holographic" projection of what it contains.

"That which the mind of a soul - a soul - dwells upon, it becomes, for mind is the builder. And if the mind is in attune with the law of the force that brought the soul into being, it becomes spiritualized in the activity (Oneness). If the mind is dwelling upon or directed in that desire towards the activities of the carnal influences (polarity/duality), then it becomes destructive (into chaos)." Cayce (262-63)

Chaos is part of the process of being orderly. Order degrades to chaos then chaos organizes into order (form). This is a continuous process. This being the case there is no good or bad associated with either state unless desire is for something other than what is present. For instance water vapor? in a state of chaos may be changed into orderly and beautiful crystals of snow? by slowing down the rotational velocities and speeding up its orbital velocities. Water vapor particles may be in a chaotic state as compared to ice crystals but none can doubt their desirability in the form of clouds of rain?.

Chaos is what I've been calling the Dispersed Field or Field of Dispersion. Russell calls it the Inertia Field boundaring the Inertial Plane. Keely referred to it as the Celestial realm. The useable (free) energy (for us) comes or occurs when this chaos re-organizes in its centralization or focalization of accumulating force. There is the same amount of energy in the Dispersed Field as at its center. The difference is coherency or concentration much like a magnifying glass does to dispersed sunlight.

Order in Life
"Order is virtue. And order isn’t a thing to be cultivated; you can’t say I will be orderly, I will do this and I won’t do that - then you are merely disciplining yourself, becoming more and more rigid, mechanical. Such a mind is totally incapable of coming upon this beauty that has no name, no expression. Order, like virtue, cannot be cultivated - if you cultivate humility? you are obviously not humble; you can cultivate vanity?, but to cultivate humility? is not possible any more than to cultivate love. So order which is virtue cannot be practiced. All that one can do is to see this total disorder within and outside oneself - see it! You can see this total disorder instantly and that is the only thing that matters - to see it instantly." - J Krishnamurti

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