Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Dr. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

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Nikola Tesla is widely recognized as the father of the modern electrical and radio age having invented them both. Other significant contributions were AC current and fluorescent lighting. Without these and other inventions modern society would not exist.

While George Westinghouse? and the companies he owned were among the first to fully develop and exploit the advantages of the Alternating Current system devised by Tesla, Edison and Morgan? were much less supportive of the brilliant inventor. Tesla was actually employed by Edison when he first came to the United States, who persuaded him to redesign Edison's existing Direct Current generators and motors for a promised bonus of $50,000. Tesla did so, leading to great improvements in efficiency, only to have Edison refuse to pay the bonus, claiming the entire thing was a joke. Tesla resigned immediately.

Not only did this ensure Tesla's lifelong distaste for Edison, Tesla's own Alternating Current system was in direct competition with Edison's DC system, in which Edison had a massive capital investment. This dispute between AC and DC erupted into the famous "War of the Currents" in which each side attempted to prove their system superior. Edison was unable to do honestly claim superiority on technical grounds, because DC power could not be transmitted long distances at safe voltages, so he did the next thing that came to mind: Try to make AC into a threat to public safety. Edison subsequently invented the electric chair and persuaded the State of New York to use it to execute criminals. With AC equipment of course. This first use of electricity for capital punishment was horrifying, and the condemned man had to be zapped twice. Edison also organized public demonstrations, including the electrocution of an elephant, all to try to prove that AC is dangerous.

In fact, the very nature of DC makes it more dangerous and less efficient that AC. Since the current is continuous, any contact with a DC source will cause muscles to clench continuously, making it very difficult to let go. So Edison was incorrect on both efficiency and safety, and today multi-phase Alternating Current, as invented by Tesla and developed by Westinghouse?, is the standard for industrial, residential, and commercial electrical systems. When one examines the historical record, the assertion that this development was supported by Edison can be seen to be nothing short of absurd. I would appreciate your correction of this error.

Josh Reynolds, Junior
Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Northern Illinois University

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