Also referred to as Generator, Liberator, Compound Disintegrator for progressively dissociating water into its constituent parts thus multiplying its inherent or latent expansive power or force (pressure) held in abeyance by syntropic forces. Actually, it progressively liberates or releases the latent forces.

"The multiplicator, which may be described in general terms as a series of iron chambers, nearly all of which are of cylindrical form, connected by pipes, and furnished with various cocks and valves, was suspended freely from one of the rafters of the apartment, its bottom being at a distance of about three feet from the floor. The multiplicator complete is about thirty-six inches high, twenty-four inches long, and thirteen inches wide, and of a capacity of seven gallons." 15.21 - Water Dissociation Demonstration

See especially 15.21 - Water Dissociation Demonstration

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