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PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 29, 1883. - Keely's workshop, at twentieth and Harian streets, was visited to-day by the Directors of the Keely Motor Company, headed by President Randall, who went on a visit of inspection. Mr. Keely played a tune on the vibrator?, and remarked that it was quite ridiculous to expect any experiments on the big engine yet. The big engine wouldn't be ready for six weeks. One of the visitors, who has promised a number of friends a ride to New York on Sept. 1. looked grieved, whereupon Mr. Keely called attention to the fine appearance which the black and white lining of the shell? would present after it had been enameled. The Directors then went up stairs and examined the wrecks of the 12 little engines used in past experiments. They concluded that the remains of the five-thousand-dollar one closely resembled the fragments of the seventy-thousand-dollar one down stairs. Then Mr. Keely and Mr. Becker, the foreman, went through a brief dialogue.

"You've worked for me 14 years, haven't you?" said Mr. Keely.

"More than 14, I guess" said Mr. Becker.

"And how much do you know about running the motor?" said the inventor.

"Nothing," replied the foreman. "If I did I wouldn't be here wearing a dirty shirt."

Mr. Keely afterward made some astute remarks about a 30-pound vacuum, and Mr. Becker said that the stock would begin to rise again within a week. He refused in a mysterious manner to tell the reason of the expected "boom." The foreman then distributed among the visitors the card of a Walnut-street broker, of whom the company's stock could be bought, and the performance closed.

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