Michelson-Morley Ether Experiment

An experiment that attempted to prove molecular matter (earth) passing through etheric filled space would disturb the ether within that space. Such a premise was doomed to failure and has set science back by many decades. It was a failed experiment and misinterpreted results then as now.

"The motion of any matter of less tenuity than the ether cannot affect it, any more than atmospheric air could be held under pressure in a perforated chamber. The tenuous flow of a magnet cannot be waived aside by a plate of heavy glass, and yet the magnetic flow? is only of an interatomic character and far more crude than the introductory etheric. The etheric elements would remain perfectly static under the travel of the most furious cyclone; it would pass through the molecular interstices of any moving projectile with the same facility that atmospheric air would pass through a coarse sieve. Ether could not be affected by the motion of less tenuous matter, but if the matter were of the same tenuous condition it would sympathetically associate itself with it; consequently there would be no motion any more than motion accompanies gravity." [Keely, The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2, More on Keelys Theories]

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