Mental Magic

"In a former work, which has served as a basis for the present one, I grouped the phenomena of the manifestations of Mind‐Power under the general term of “Mental Magic,” the use of the term being justified by the following facts: The word “Magic” was derived from the Persian word “mag,” meaning “a priest.” The Persian priests were “wonder‐workers,” or “magicians,” the latter word being derived from the word “Magi,” the name of the hereditary caste of priests of ancient Persia and Medea. This Magian order, or esoteric cult? of the Zoroastrian priesthood, represented the center of ancient occultism at that period of the world’s history, and its influence was felt in all parts of the world, and continues down to this time. So highly were its members respected and considered, that the term “Wise Men,” and “Magi” were synonymous. The “Three Wise Men?” mentioned as appearing at the birth of Christ (Matt. II) were known as the Magi, or “wise men from the East.

"From the word “Magi” came the term “Magic,” which Webster has defined as follows: “The hidden wisdom supposed to be possessed by the Magi; relating to the occult powers of nature; mastery of secret forces in nature; having extraordinary properties; seemingly requiring more than human power, etc.” So we may consider the word “magic” to mean: “mastery of the occult forces of nature,” the term indicating the existence of such forces, and the possibility of the mastery or control of them. And in ancient times, “magic” was always believed to be connected in some way with the use of the mind, particularly in its aspects of will, desire, and imagination. Effects were believed to result because some magician? either “willed it”; “desired it to be”; or else “imagined it would occur”;—in each case the result happening as a materialization of the mental conception or wish?. “Wishing” was always believed to be a magical operation, and if we examine a “wish?” we see it is composed of the use of the imagination, coupled with desire, and backed up with will. And so, I felt that I was justified in using the term “Mental Magic” in considering the various phenomena resulting from the manifestation of Mind‐Power.

"But by the use of the term “Mental Magic,” I meant more than the mere mental control of the “occult forces of nature.” I meant that these “occult forces of nature” are themselves mental in character and nature, and that their control or mastery means simply the conscious use, control, mastery, and application of certain mental forces, called “occult,” that are possessed by the race, and are used by all, either consciously or unconsciously.

"The mastery or control of these forces, means that one may learn to “knowingly” apply that which all have been using blindly and unknowingly. And as knowledge and intelligent use always means Power, the knowledge of the principles of these forces, and the consequent intelligent application of them brings power to those acquiring it." Chapter V - Mental Magic in Human Life

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