"For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within." Cayce (1861-19)

"Meditation is emptying self of all that hinders the creative forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers and sources that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the spiritual man; properly done must make one stronger mentally, physically, for has it not been given? He went in the strength of that meat received for many days? Was it not given by Him who has shown us the Way, "I have had meat that ye know not of"? As we give out, so does the whole of man - physically and mentally become depleted, yet in entering into the silence, entering into the silence in meditation, with a clean hand, a clean body, a clean mind, we may receive that strength and power that fits each individual, each soul, for a greater activity in this material world." Cayce (281-13)

"Meditate, oft. Separate thyself for a season from the cares of the world. Get close to nature and learn from the lowliest of that which manifests in nature, in the earth; in the birds, in the trees, in the grass, in the flowers, in the bees; that the life of each is a manifesting, is a song of glory to its Maker. And do thou likewise!" Cayce (1089-3)

"When we quiet the physical body through turning the mind toward the highest ideal, there are aroused actual physical vibrations, as a result of spiritual influences becoming active on the sensitive vibratory centers in the body, stimulating the points of contact between the soul and its physical shell. Let us trace this activity.

"When we attune ourselves to the Infinite, the glands of reproduction may be compared to a motor which raises the spiritual power in the body. This spiritual power enters through the center of the cells of Leydig? glands (located in the genitive system). This center is like a sealed or open door, according to the use to which it has been put through spiritual activities. With the arousing of the image, or ideal, this life force rises along what is known as the Appian Way? or the silver cord, to the pineal center in the brain, whence it may be disseminated to those centers that give activity to the whole mental and physical being. It rises then to the hidden eye in the center of the brain system (pituitary body), which is just back of the middle of the forehead. Thus on entering meditation there arises a definite impulse from the glands of reproduction that passes through the pineal to the pituitary gland. Whatever the ideal of an individual is, it is propelled upward and finds expression in the activity of the imaginative forces. If this ideal is material, there is built more and more into the body a love for, and a tendency towards, things of the earth. If this ideal or image is of a spiritual nature there is spiritual development. Psychic forces are only an awakening of soul faculties through activities in these centers. If an anatomical or pathological study should be made for a period of seven years (which is the cycle of change in all body elements), of an individual who is acted upon through the pituitary gland alone, it would be discovered that such a person trained in spiritual laws would become a light to the world. One trained in purely material things would become a Frankenstein? (monster), without a concept of any influence other than material or mental." See Cayce (262-20)

"If he will take the time to withdraw for a short period from the continuous physical and mental activity that goes on from the moment of waking in the morning to the moment of falling asleep at night; if he will use this period to observe within himself certain delicate nuances of feeling and subtle changes of thought, he will begin to cultivate his awareness of soul, his own link with God." Brunton (3-1.144)

"The differences between the first and second stages are: (a) in the first there is no effort to understand the subject or object upon which attention rests whereas in the second there is; (b) concentration may be directed to any physical thing or mental idea whereas meditation must be directed to thinking about a spiritual theme either logically or imaginatively.

In the third stage this theme pervades the mind so completely that the thinking activity ceases, the thoughts and fancies vanish. The meditator and his theme are then united; it is no longer separate from him. Both merge into a single consciousness. To shut off all perceptions of the outer world, all physical sense-activities of seeing hearing and touching, is the goal and end of the first stage. It is achieved when concentration on one subject or object is fully achieved. To shut off all movements of the inner world, all mental activities of thinking, reasoning, and imagining, is the goal and end of the second stage. It is achieved when the subject or object pervades awareness so completely that the meditator forgets himself and thus forgets even to think about it: he is it. To shut off all thoughts and things, even all sense of a separate personal existence, and rest in contemplation of the One Infinite Life-Power out of which he has emerged, is the goal and end of the third stage." Brunton (4-1.214)


If meditation really happens, whatsoever the cause, compassion has to follow. COMPASSION IS THE FLOWERING OF MEDITATION. If compassion is not coming, your meditation is somewhere wrong....

THIS IS COMPASSION - when the other becomes more valuable than you. THIS IS LOVE - when you can sacrifice yourself for the other. When you become the means and the other becomes the end, this is love. When you are the end and the other is used as a means, this is lust. Lust is always cunning and love is always compassionate.


That's why I say to you, I would like to give you two things: ROOTS INTO THIS EARTH AND WINGS INTO THAT HEAVEN. Meditation is this earth, it is here and now. This very moment, you can spread your roots into it. And once roots are there, your wings will reach to the highest sky possible. Compassion is the sky (celestial), meditation is the earth.


GO DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO MEDITATION, SO YOU CAN GO HIGHER AND HIGHER IN COMPASSION. The deeper the roots of a tree reach, the higher the peak. You can see the tree, you cannot see the roots - but they are always in proportion. If the tree is reaching to the sky, the roots must be reaching to the very end of the earth. Same is the proportion. As deep as your meditation is, the same, the same depth will be achieved in compassion.

SO COMPASSION IS THE CRITERION. If you think you are meditative and there is no compassion, then you are deceiving yourself. Compassion must happen, because that is the flowering of the tree. And meditation is just a means towards compassion. COMPASSION IS THE GOAL.

MAKE YOURSELF MORE AND MORE ALERT. Call your own name and answer, just to create more awareness. When you will really become aware, you will feel a new upsurge of energy. Compassion will happen to you. And with compassion, bliss?; with compassion, beatitude; with compassion, conviction?.

A Bird on the Wing
Ch #11: Sober Up
am in Buddha Hall

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