"Differentiation of mass, produces negatization to coincident action. By changing the balance of the triune polar flows, one differentiates the mass chord and disrupts any possibility of harmonious or "coincident action". The mass is the result of a combination of these flows." Keely and His Discoveries underline added

Keely is here indicating mass is an effect or result of Triune Polar Flows. While there is Einstein?'s famous formula (E=mc2) describing entropic energy release - mass formation from energy would be its opposite (syntropic) development. Dale Pond


Mass Vibrations
"There are properties or modes of vibration which can direct the component molecular vibrations of a mass to the neutral center of that mass. These modes of vibration are called "neutral attraction", "neutral affinity", "negative attraction" or "polar negative attraction.

"He (Keely) says "After vain attempts to come more closely to what I term a 'radiophonic vibratory position with microscopic adjustments' I have only been able to reach a few true and standard positions which I can satisfactorily analyze. There is one principle underlying all and this principle is the key.

"He announced in 1888 that he had discovered this "sympathetic vibration" to be associated both positively and negatively with the polar stream.

"The inaudible vibrations of matter and its higher states, affect the magnetic needle. In Keely's researching instruments, he caused these inaudible vibrations to alter the vibration of light in such a manner as to produce sound colors." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

"All mass is an aggregation of light units assembled into systems and into systems of systems.

"All mass is held together by internal surface tension pressure generated by itself.

"Any mass of high pressure and potential which is brought into a zone of low pressure and potential will rapidly lose the light units of which it is composed.

"Any mass of low pressure and potential which is brought into a zone of high pressure and potential will lose the light units of which it is composed more slowly in its new potential position.

"The mass will contract, thus drawing its light units and systems closer together.

"This contraction of particles is the generative process of attraction.

"It will be recalled that bodies approaching each other charge each other.

"Charging bodies of higher potential regenerate discharging bodies of lower potential. This is the process of accumulation of mass." The Universal One (external link), Book 02 - Chapter 25 - Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation

"Mass is an accumulation of the universal constant of energy into higher potential. The greater the mass the greater the potential. Mass accumulates inductively along the centripetal lines of closing spirals, and is rotated by the impact of genero-active force. Mass dissipates conductively along centrifugal lines of opening spirals, and is rotated by the expulsion? of radio-active force. These opposite forces are the cause of rotation of mass." Russell, The Universal One (external link)

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