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Magicians Legislators

By Vera Krizhanovskaya?, her books were psycho-graphed through her by spirit of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester. Books were written firstly in French and then translated into English, Russian, Portuguese, etc.‬

‪So the book where he writes about John Worell Keely is the 5th book called 'Magicians-Legislators'.

"Atlantis people called etheric force the Mashma? , and this terrible astral force has played a significant role in the destruction of the continent.‬ ‪In the secret Indian books also referred to the vibration strength, in the instructions, consisting in Ashtar Vidya? said that charged machine with such power, being placed on a "flying boat" and if aimed at an army of people, it would turn the elephants into a pile of ash as easily as a shock of straw.‬ ‪In another ancient Hindu book of the Vishnu Purana? same ethereal force mentioned in the allegorical form - the "Look of Kapila?". - the sage, whose gaze turned to dust sixty thousand sons of King Sagara?.‬

‪I understand that the science of Atlantis perished along with their continent.

Dahir shook his head :‬

‪- Experience has indicated that the possession of this secret could have caused untold distress, and people have become more cautious. Use of this dangerous power, was hidden under the opaque symbols and confided only to the highest initiates. However, oddly enough, but in the second half of the XIX century, a man opened the etheric force and found a way through the ingenious devices to use some of its properties, but ... it led to nothing.‬

- Do you know the person's name and the reasons for its failure, condemned to oblivion of such wonderful discovery? Kalitin asked excitedly. As after XIX century was the era of high culture and great scientific discoveries that developed that humanity has developed subsequently.

- Kalitin perplexed.‬ ‪- You asked a lot of questions at once, but I'll try to answer them, if possible. The man's name John Worrell Keely, and his life, struggles and failures are one of the most tragic aspects of genius. All that jealousy?, malice?, slander, contempt? and ridicule? could only come up with - it was all piled up on a Keely's path. And is not characteristic feature of contemporary society, that in the "academic" world, there was no one capable of understanding his gigantic work, and in the ranks of society, among industrialists, writers, clerics none has proved sufficiently enlightened self-interest and to financially help poor inventor, who discovered one of the great mysteries of nature. He was persecuted, mocked, was called a liar and a charlatan?, and hucksters who wanted to profit at the expense of his discovery and not have succeeded in this, even threatened him with prison.[1] [2] [3] Finally, taken to the extreme, he destroyed most part of his machines, and his discovery sunk into oblivion.‬

- But this is terrible and outrageous! - Indignantly exclaimed Kalitin .‬

‪- It's not as easy as you think. Yet it is questionable whether the Keely discovery would bring happiness to mankind, becoming the property of the masses. It was a nasty time - the nineteenth century, which you call "highly cultured". Indeed, while science has made remarkable achievements, have been many great discoveries, considering including Keely, and yet, at that time flourished worst human passions, brutal selfishness, fierce, merciless struggle for enjoying life and the denial of the God, has plunged the world in crass materialism, the consequence of which was the mortification of all the lofty sentiments. The nineteenth century was the birth of paradox, paradox that was the most harmful of all that was known to mankind: deceiving views, justified the most outrageous crimes, covering them with a shield of insanity, nerve disease, degeneration, etc. - in parallel with the actual planting of atrocities by vivisection, political murders, heinous weapons of war, such as: explosive bullets, etc. Since the nineteenth century, increased prosperity of atheism?, moral degradation, boundless cynicism that led to the expansion of the society, has given rise to an epidemic of madness, suicide, murder and grotesque caused the dark forces of chaos that led to the premature destruction of the planet. Imagine yourself now at the disposal of the Keely discovery of these " artists" - anarchists, violent lunatics, etc. "Cain?" of the human race. Having the opportunity to enjoy the ethereal force in their murderous fantasies, they would have destroyed millions of people, spread out on the continents and all the atoms, would have committed the disaster. This could not be tolerated. The servants of the Deity who watched the fate of the world could not afford wicked, perverse humanity dispose of force that in dirty hands of society would be really diabolical. Keely's discovery was many thousands of years earlier than it should, and so was doomed to oblivion, largely as a result of his own lack of knowledge meaning that in every man lies the beginning which is able to direct and dispose of vibrational etheric force. Keely did not even know that as one of the rare personalities he had his own special psychic abilities belonging only to him, and therefore had no power to convey to others what was a fixture in his own nature.

Confirmation of my words is that Keely's machines did not work for anyone else who has tried to use them, and this was a major barrier of his discovery. Insiders know that behind visible phenomena of nature the are intelligent conscious beings, which people call the "forces" and "laws", and those beings using these forces and laws of nature, they are also a subject to even higher beings/minds, which are the force and the law for the them.‬

[1] Inventor Keely in Jail
[2] Keely Not Yet In Jail
[3] Keelys Sunday in Jail

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