Compound Interetheric, the substance of Mind; Celestial Radiation or Celestial Sympathetic Radiation. [See Light of Mind, Photon, 7B.09 - Luminiferous Ether or Light, Luminiferous Ether]

Nikola Tesla
"I am the light, and it is the music. Light fills my six senses? - I see, hear, feel, smell, touch and think. Thinking, for me, is the sixth sense. The light rays are printed notes. One lightning can be the whole sonata; a thousand lightning the show. For this concert I have created a Ball lightning?, which can be heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas.” [Nikola Tesla, source wanted]

""I consider this extremely important," said Mr. Tesla. "Light cannot be anything else but a longitudinal disturbance in the ether, involving alternate compressions and rarefactions. In other words, light can be nothing else than a sound wave in the ether." [source wanted]

What is Light?
From the Angelic Realm

"Light is the aspect of experience in which certain forms of Energy flow freely, with little or no impedance. Light may come in the form of physical Light, spiritual Light, emotional Light or mental Light. It provides a balance to the Dark?.

"Light is often considered to be an emotional and spiritual messenger. Also be aware that there is another side to Light. The Angel that fell took with him something of value; the promise and appearance of Light – but not Light. His name, Lucifer, means “Carrier of Light”.

"So, it is Pure Light that is Blessed, such as Love, Kindness, generosity, joy etc. These have Spiritual roots. So does sunlight?. Artificial light, although helpful, is not nourishing or nurturing.

"Always insist upon the real thing and you will be Blessed and walking in the Light." Dawn Stranges, 07/27/2011

"Light, as man knows light, is but an unstable simulation of the real light of the Universal One?. Man's concept of light is luminosity, an illusion of the universal light of inertia, sustained in its appearance as an illusion of light by the pressures generated through motion. The inner mind of ecstatic man knows the real light and that he is One with light. He is not deceived by its illusion." [Russell see Figure 14.05 - The Dominant is the Light of the Mind of Diety]

"Light is the living substance of mind in action." [Russell, The Universal One]

Figure 14.05 - The Dominant is the Light of the Mind of Diety. Keely sometimes refers to this Light as Will.

Figure 14.05 - The Dominant is the Light of the Mind of God. Keely sometimes refers to this Light as Will or Volition, Stillness, Rest.

"In the beginning: God moved and said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light; not the light of the sun, but rather that of which, through which, in which, every soul had, has, and ever has its being. For in truth ye live and move and have thy being in Him (Acts 17:28)." Cayce (5246-1) [see Celestial Radiation]

"What is Light? That from which, through which, in which may be found all things, out of which all things come. Thus the first of everything which may be visible in earth, in heaven and in space is of that Light, IS that Light." Cayce (2533-8) [see Celestial Radiation]

"The light moves on in time, in space, and upon that skein between same are the records written by each soul in its activity through eternity; through its awareness... not only in matter but in thought." Cayce (815-2)

"The power of attractive vibration of the solar forces is the great coincident towards which the terrestrial-magnetic-sympathetic flows (sympathetic flow) is diverted. This force is the celestial current that makes up the prime third of the triple association. It also induces aqueous disintegration and thermal concentration, the two prime conductors towards this coincident chord of sympathy with itself. Without this aqueous disintegration there would be no connective link between the celestial and terrestrial. There would exist nothing but a condition of luminous radiation on the order of the aurora - a reaching out for the concordant without any sympathetic diversion to create unstable equilibrium of terrestrial magnetism. In fact under such a condition, the absence of the sun on one side, or the absence of water on the other, the magnetic or electric force would remain in a stable state of equilibrium, or the highest order of the chaotic. Disturbance of equilibrium and sympathetic equation constitute the dual power that governs all the varied forms of life and motion which exist terrestrially, of which the electric or magnetic is the prime mover and regulator. All electrical action, no matter of what character, has its sympathetic birth by the intervention of that current of the triune flow?, which I call the Dominant, with the polar harmonic? current; all sympathetic flows being composed of three currents. They become associative one with the other only near the junction of terrestrial interference. The great vacuous field which exists between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free of all antagonism, molecularly or otherwise, till the associative point is reached; so wonderfully planned by the Great Creator, for instant electric evolution and assimilation with terrestrial centres of attraction. I call this intervention, atomic intermolecular and molecular density. The combination of the action of the triune sympathetic celestial stream? with the same intervening medium induces heat and light as the resultant of these corpuscular confliction with sympathetic celestial and terrestrial focalized centres of neutral radiation. I do not recognize Electricity, nor light, nor heat as coming from the sun. These conditions, according to my theories, emanate from atomic and interatomic interference on induced molecular vibration, by sympathetic etheric vibration, the celestial attractive being the prime mover. In my estimation this is not at all phenomenal; it is only phenomenal as far as the knowledge of its action in mechanical physics is concerned. Physicists have been working in the wrong direction to lead them to associate themselves with Nature's sympathetic evolution. The expression "Electricity attracts at a distance" is as bad as, if not worse than, the microbe of the magnet." James Clerk Maxwell seems, when theorizing on sound transmission by an atmospheric medium, not to have taken into consideration the philosophy attending the phenomena of the origination of electric streams in celestial space. Light is one of the prominent evolved mediums in electric action, and is evolved by corpuscular bombardment induced by sympathetic streams acting between the neutral centres of planetary masses, all of which are under a condition of unstable equilibrium. These unstable conditions were born in them, and were thus designed by the Architect of Creation in order to perpetuate the connective link between the dispersing positive and the attractive negative. The action that induces this link I call sympathetic planetary oscillation." [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries]

Light as it comes from the great solar reservoir, writes Dr. Pancoast, is a unit - not seven rays, but one sunbeam. Though it contains the dual attributes (the active and passive, the positive and negative, the polar force and the chemical function) they are so exactly equilibrated, so perfectly in harmony, that they form absolutely a unit; their unity being slightly affected by contact with our terrestrial atmosphere, which extracts from them in transitu a small amount of chemical blue, and a portion of calorific energy, but being substantially maintained until in actual contact with the earth and earthly objects, when the beam is interrupted, and its rays distributed, in order to permit each principle of virtue to perform its part in nature's vast laboratory. The prism has not changed the light, nor its united and separate nature and attributes. It has only shown us that the great unit has seven members, so to speak, working in perfect harmony, obediently to the laws of "The Supreme." This one fact of the unity of light utterly suppresses the waves, or undulations, of modern scientists. A sunbeam cannot come in seven parts upon seven sets of waves. The impulse and tension theory of the old philosophy justifies itself, if the justification of a theory consists in its competence to account for actual phenomena; but the secrets and mysteries of nature regarding the essence of light, and its great work in creation and, providence, must be studied elsewhere." (See “Blue and Red Light," by Dr. Pancoast.) [Bloomfield-Moore, What Electricity Is...]

"The same soul element that was previously in the air has now entered the light which embraces us from morning to evening. This was made possible through the fact that the Christ has united Himself with the earth. Thus, also from the soul-spiritual aspect, air and light underwent a change in the course of the Earth evolution." [Rudolf Steiner, The Mission of the Archangel Michael, lectures in 1918-1919, Anthroposophic Press 1961, p. 106]

"… what exists up in the sky is not merely the physical sun, but... with the sun’s warmth and light etheric beings stream down to earth" [Rudolf Steiner, Nature Spirits, lectures in 1908-1924, Rudolf Steiner Press 1995, p. 169]

Speed of Light
A Rule of Thumb says the higher the density of a propagating medium the higher the velocity of propagation of sound (or other disturbance) through it. If a medium composed of interetheric substance has a near infinite density sound would propagate through it nearly instantly. As it is a given there are MANY Etheric (quantum) and interetheric (subquantum) substances much finer than light or a media composed of photons then we can see the velocity of light is nowhere near any limit on vibratory wave propagation rates or velocities. Dale Pond

Speed of Light not restrictive; see Interference

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