Lieut. Zalinski and Mr. Keely


NYT - 11/18/1884 - The "etherealized vaporic force?," which was so liberally poured into the ears of a large and gullible public by Mr. John W. Keely, of Philadelphia, and the Directors of his company, last Saturday, does not seem to have intoxicated Lieut E. L. Zalinski, who is wedded to science for its own sake and is in no way connected with companies of any description. The Lieutenant witnessed the experiments at Sandy Hook?, and then told President A. R. Edey? that with the same plant he could perform exactly the same experiments at Fort Lafayette on any day he might name with compressed air, and would even go further than Mr. Keely had gone. Mr. Edey said he would "speak about it to Mr. Keely," but the offer has not yet been accepted.

The Lieutenant, when seen yesterday at Governor's Island, said that none of the experiments at Sandy Hook? went to show that Mr. Keely had discovered a new force. If Mr. Keely, as he claimed, could obtain five times the velocity he showed on Saturday, he, the Lieutenant, would bow his head in reverence. The Lieutenant said the statement was untrue that he was blind to every force but compressed air. The latest invention was the thing for him. (The New York Times)

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