Law of Relativity of Force

"In giving the manifestation of such a law, which does exist, we first must consider that, that is called force, and that force then in its relation, or the relativity of that force to all force.

"There are, as we set in the beginning, as far as the concern is of this physical earth plane, those rules or laws in the relative force of those that govern the earth, and the beings of the earth plane, and also that same law governs the planets, stars, constellations, groups, that that constitutes the sphere, the Space, in which the planet moves. These are of the one force, and we see the manifestation of the relation of one force with another in the many various phases as is shown, for in fact that which to the human mind exists, in fact does not exist, for it has been in past before it is to the human mind in existence.

"In this, we see the law of the relations of conditions, Space or time and its relation to human mind, as is capable of obtaining information upon the earth plane from a normal force or conditions. Hence, we bring the same word, relativity of force, to prove its own self, and condition, for we have as this:

"The earth in its motion, held in Space by that force of attraction, or detraction, or gravitation, or lack of gravitation in its force, so those things that do appear to have reality, and their reality to the human mind, have in reality passed into past conditions before they have reached the mind, for with the earth's laws, and its relations to other spheres, has to man become a past condition. So it is reached only in the further forces as will show, and as is given, for man to understand in this developing, or this evolution from sphere to sphere, or from plane to plane, in this condition.

"Hence, we find to the normal mind, there is no law as to relativity of force, save as the individual may apply same in the individual's needs of them. That is sufficient." Cayce (3744-4)

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