Law of Octave

"To enlarge upon the theory as latent and as changed into a force as usable as a motive force, these may be well illustrated by that same condition as exists in natural law as to why the needle points toward north. In the radial force of the axis of the earth there is seen that the force from which this planet is kept in motion is radiated through, or from, that directive force. Hence the constant draw, pull, in that direction. Just as is seen in gravitation in its active law in drawing all to the earth according to its capacity of displacement as relative to the elements that go to make up the density of the object; yet each are relativity of forces one with another, employing all of the elements in their various octave of density to combine in their active principle of weight; yet each of these same laws are in the same relative position to that law of the needle point, and that of gravitation to the radius about which the object is radiating or being drawn to the radial center. Hence force, keeping same in direct contact, as does gravitation and the needle or the compass point. So, as was given, that compass point has much to do in the active force, as a relativity; not as to whether it turns north, east, south or west - for, as gravitation - whether north, east, south or west - acts in the same capacity; so as in gravitation active forces, as that of the needle, compass, always in its same relative position or condition, for or through the radial activity of octave force, as is seen in the curves as come about the radial center from which the active principle brings one lead in connection with the next, see? and in their turn the larger radial center brings again that same active force in connection with the elements through which the active principle operates. Hence, that as is given, when each radial center in cam, in leads, are in that same potential relative position of the power in its activity is in accord with those latent forces as are seen and put in motion through the magnification of the synthetic forces, or syncopathic forces, are brought into active principles." Cayce (4665-13)

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