Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ratio, are mutually attracted." Keely, 1894

"As will be and is gradually being understood, each metal, each element even, has its attractions and its repulsions for the other metals or combinations of same in the different degrees, and in different ways and manners.

"There are atomic vibrations, and as there is the breaking up of each element in its forces and forms, there is produced the attraction and repulsion. As an illustration (this you can't use, so we will give it as an illustration):

"All of uranium elements are an attractive force for those influences that produce same, you see, - platinum and all mercury products are attracted by uranium.

"Uranium, then, will indicate those locations of such pitchblende as would PRODUCE SOME form of its same elements, - or platinum or platinate. In the one - platinum - this would swing across, see? In the others - of the pitchblende - circular." Cayce (2431-1)

"As an individual or a group, by the natural law of attraction, sets self, chooses to be a channel that may aid others, it attracts, it draws those that need that which may be given through such a channel." Cayce (281-22)

"To acquire wealth, be it soul wealth or material wealth, one must possess desire, determination and the power of concentration. And it is according to the degree in which one possesses these three attributes of mind that one succeeds. It is so important to realize this fact that a repetition of it, in a slightly different form, may be excused, for it embodies the general principles which bring success.

"To use the Law of Attraction successfully, therefore, one should:

  • First. Desire intently to possess a thing or quality.
  • Second. Determine, or will to possess it.
  • Third. Concentrate all mental and physical effort to acquire possession.
This is mental efficiency.

"Never yield to disappointment, for that is a counter force to the Creative. Never stop working to attain your object, but keep persistently at it until success crowns your efforts. By so doing you create a condition which cannot be ignored by men or by Law; for a pathway of invisible, magnetic cords stronger than steel is created between you and your object - if you choose to make it so by your power of Concentration." [Ingalese, The History and Power of Mind]

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