Law of Affinities

"In compiling from his (Keely's) writings, such are selected as seem to be the best, toward elucidating the mysteries which lie in the operation of the laws governing the universal ether, so far as his hypothesis carried him. If matter without form preceded the creation of vitality, "it is only when the principle of life had been given," says Charpignon?, "that the intrinsic properties of atoms were compelled, by the law of affinities, to form individualities; which, from that moment, becoming the center of action, were enabled to act as modifying causes of the principle of life, and assimilate themselves to it, to start with, that it will be well to remember; for, as in the hypothesis of MacVicar and the demonstrations of Keely, the law of assimilation is made the pivot upon which all turns, "providing at once for mind and for matter, and placing them in a scientific relationship to one another." Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries

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