"All knowledge - then, now, or in the future, is latent within self - would man but begin to understand. The stamp, the image of the Creator is a part of the heritage of each soul." Cayce (2533-4)

". . . there are no short cuts to knowledge, to wisdom, to understanding - these must be lived, must be experienced by each and every soul." Cayce (830-2)

"And what is knowledge? To know the Lord, to do good, to cast out fear; for partaking of knowledge symbolizes the bringing of fear - unless there has been that desire purposed in "Thy will, not mine, be done in and through me." Cayce (1246)

"For the beginning of knowledge is to know self and self's relationship to God! Then the relationship to the fellow man; then material knowledge to any entity, any soul, may become valuable, worth while, aggressive, advancing - success!" Cayce (1249-1)

"How (some would ask) did the body, Edgar Cayce, or soul, attune self at that particular period and yet not remember in the physical consciousness that conversation had with those that approached to communicate or to tell those things that were to them, are to them, very vital in their experiences in the present plane?

"This, as has been given, is because the soul passes from the body into those realms from which is sought that desired to be known by the seeker. Here there was sought (this is on the 9th of July, see?) concerning the physical condition of a body that which in the material world would aid in correcting the mental and physical conditions. This realm from which such information is obtainable, as we have given, is either from those that have passed into the realm of subconscious activity or from the subconscious and superconscious activity through which information is being sought by that superconscious activity in the realm of physical forces in action.

"Hence why this particular body, Edgar Cayce, was able to attune self to the varied realms of activity by laying aside the physical consciousness. Then, if the body from its material and mental development were to be wholly conscious of that through which it passes in its SOUL'S activity in such realms, the strain would be so great upon that which holds the mental and its applications of same in order for material activity as to become demented in its relationship.

"And he is thought crazy enough anyway!" Cayce (5756-14)

"All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world." Cayce (254-17)

Osho, please can you say something about creativity and discipline?

"DISCIPLINE" is a beautiful word, but it has been misused as all other beautiful words have been misused in the past. THE WORD "DISCIPLINE" COMES FROM THE SAME ROOT AS THE WORD "DISCIPLE"; the root meaning of the word is "a process of learning." ONE WHO IS READY TO LEARN IS A DISCIPLE, and THE PROCESS OF BEING READY TO LEARN IS DISCIPLINE.

THE KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON IS NEVER READY TO LEARN, because HE ALREADY THINKS HE KNOWS; he is very centered in his so-called knowledge. His knowledge is nothing but a nourishment for his EGO. He cannot be a disciple, he cannot be in true discipline.

Socrates? says: "I KNOW ONLY ONE THING, THAT I KNOW NOTHING." That is THE BEGINNING OF DISCIPLINE. When you don't know anything - of course, a great longing to inquire, explore, investigate arises. And the moment you start learning, another factor follows inevitably: WHATSOEVER YOU HAVE LEARNED HAS TO BE DROPPED CONTINUOUSLY, otherwise it will become knowledge and KNOWLEDGE WILL PREVENT FURTHER LEARNING.

THE REAL MAN OF DISCIPLINE NEVER ACCUMULATES. Each moment he dies to whatsoever he has come to know and again becomes ignorant. That ignorance is really luminous. I agree with Dionysus? when he calls ignorance LUMINOUS. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in existence to be in a state of luminous NOT-KNOWING. When you are in that state of not-knowing you are open, there is no barrier, you are ready to explore. THE HINDUS CANNOT DO IT - they are already knowledgeable. The MOHAMMEDANS cannot do it, the CHRISTIANS cannot do it. MY SANNYASINS CAN DO IT, for the simple reason that I AM NOT IMPARTING KNOWLEDGE. On the contrary, I AM DESTROYING YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Hence it happens every day. Every day I receive many letters, many questions. One friend has come from the West. He says, for three, four years he has been reading my books and he was so much excited, he was in such great love with me, that he wanted to come somehow as quickly as possible. And now he has been able to manage to come, but here he feels frustrated. He was four years in deep love with me, and now he says, "I cannot say the same, because you are so shocking to me. YOU IRRITATE ME, YOU ANNOY ME; YOU GO ON HAMMERING ON MY CHERISHED IDEAS."

It is easy to read a book because the book is in your hands. I am not in your hands! You can interpret the book according to your ideas, you cannot interpret me according to your ideas - I will make so much trouble for you! He was not in love with me, HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HIS OWN IDEAS, and because he was finding support from my books HE LIVED IN AN ILLUSION.

But with me illusions are bound to be shattered. I AM HERE TO SHATTER ALL ILLUSIONS. Yes, it will IRRITATE you, it will ANNOY you - that's MY VERY WAY OF FUNCTIONING AND WORKING. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you.

The Goose is Out
Ch #9: Rejoice to abandon!
am in Buddha Hall
(part 3 of 4)

"True knowledge consists in a direct recognition of the truth and is taught by Nature herself. No man, no matter how great, educated and intelligent, can discover this science without divine intervention and revelation, as this knowledge depends entirely upon the grace of God and his divine dispensation." - Paracelsus

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non-existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future." Wilhelm Reich

"Because all knowledge exists and one can have all knowledge by desiring to have it."
"Knowledge is limited to cause." [Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, page 207]

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