Keeper of the Keys

The Keeper of the Keys

by Andrew Brandi?

Like the Sirens of Jason's Odyssey?, the field of Sympathetic Association, beckons us irresistibly toward the destruction of our own familiar vessels of security - stirring our imaginations into voyages that span the cosmos, then returning us once again to the hidden depths of the nuclear? realm. As it illuminates our path, into those vast and seemingly incomprehensible dimensions as space and time, it serves to probe a truly Universal Force - the magnitude of which, staggers our finite perceptive abilities. And yet, this same Power seems to simultaneously demonstrate - by a means left to the individual interpretation of the reader - a kind of orderly, and conscious intent. It is at this juncture of cognition, this threshold of inspired understanding, that we find ourselves swept into ancient traditions - back to an era, where science and religion were the unified "Mandates for Passage," into the crypts of esoteric mysteries.

Sympathetic Association is not a path for the timid, since to broaden ones knowledge, is to do so at the risk of extinguishing (in part or whole) what may have taken a life time to establish. Yet, as uncomfortable as this may be, it far outweighs clinging to inaccurate convictions, that will inevitably cause even greater pain. As a very wise and elderly woman once said: "when something has outlived its usefulness, get rid of it!" (1) Like obsolete baggage, a researchers views of the Forces in Nature, once outdated, must be cleared of inaccuracies. And yet each new insight brings with it, the mixed blessings of both positive and negative effects. As in most fields of research, Sympathetic Association offers no "quick" and easy path to the wisdom of Solomon?. This brings to mind a passage from a discourse between an Eastern student and his Master Teacher, it is as follows:

Student: Master, does the road wind uphill all the way?

Master: Yes, to the very end.

Student: Will the days journey take the whole long day?

Master: From morn to night, my friend.

What then is the way? What path leads to the wisdom of Natures most cherished secrets? Is there any credence at all, to the ancient traditions set down in Hermetic and Kabalistic? teachings? Are the Alkahest?, Philosophers Stone, and the Elixir of Life?, as taught by men such as Paracelsus, merely fantasies of ignorance? And, what is the hidden meaning so long sought after within the sacred Hexagram? - the Star of David?? These, and many more questions require not only the modern knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, biology?, and physics, but the study of world religion and philosophy as well. In considering the works of Hermes?, Paracelsus, Pythagoras, Van Helmont?, Tesla, and Keely, (to name just a few) it may be important to ask "What did they mean in their own language?," and "In what ways do their teachings correspond to all others, in all times?" Sympathetic Association does not simply require, rather it DEMANDS a knowledge of the Universally Historical Traditions. And yet, in what universally acceptable manner, would it ever be possible to set before this society, a scientific system, the foundations of which, lie rooted in the depths of ancient religious traditions? To that, only time may tell. For the present however, it is enough to consider, the symbolic representations of Ak’sa, Light, Ether, Electricity, Fire, Water, and Earth, as holding profound, esoteric translations, which may well lead us into a future as yet undreamt of.

Those who move into the dimensions of Sympathetic Harmonics, cross a comprehension-threshold of no return. They stride the cutting edge not only of new technologies, but of a new awakening - within themselves, as well as within the race. And, as with any change, there is an element of danger from forces which seek to prevent this Rite of Passage. These forces, which are possessed of both power and wealth, have evolved through generations of exploiting crude, and often thoughtless technologies. Yet as darkness differs from the light of day, so does Sympathetic Association differ from that which has gone before. For although this encompassing field is broad and its potential applications limited only by imagination, its underlying precept remains constant - that humanity is inseparably bound to nature, which in turn, is inseparably bound through the Principles of a Primary Energy.

In time, the application of these same Universal Principles, may grow into new and wondrous technologies, such as those to one day drive the coming global-industrial-complex. And at the heart of these dynamics, will lie the rhythmic pulsations of tremendously powerful engines - being keyed in unison, with the harmonic resonations of those very forces that drive the star systems, yet simultaneously charge the smallest of the nuclear structures. The field of Sympathetic Association may well include forms of non-electrical luminosity, lighting rural and urban centers with the brightness of day - each point of light being independently sustained; the purification, condensation, evaporation?, and/or desalinization of water - perhaps reducing to some degree, the extent of human suffering; the transmutation of toxic chemicals and nuclear wastes into environmentally safe elements - along with correcting what damage already exists; harmonically deactivating fire - thus saving lives and property; heating and cooking without fuel - that the environments burden may be lightened, and those of lesser economic station may be spared the biting chill of winter; viral and biological disease treatment - through the dissociation of vital elements within the attacking parasites; and, celestial vehicles of the most flowing and aesthetic designs - having been released from the bonds of gravity by the Great Laws, and propelled through magnetically shaped fields at speeds far in excess of present day craft.

Navigating by the charts of ancient mariners, while standing upon the decks of modern science, the new explorers in the fields of Sympathetic Association, will venture out into the power and mystery of Natures Forces. While firmly clasping the riggings of humility?, objectivity?, and reverence for all Life, these new mariners will bid the Keeper "unlock the harmonic trove!" and thereby pass on the keys to a new generation of workers. A generation whose hearts will remain ever sealed, in Symphonic Unity with the Essence of all Creation.


(1) Peace Pilgrim. More information upon request.
(2) Theosophical Literature. Exact source unknown.

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