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It is reported that Mr. John Jacob Astor has recently purchased a large interest in the Keely motor from a person who for some years past has been an enthusiastic advocate of Mr. Keely. This report reminds as that Mr. Keely has failed thus far to notice a challenge published in June last by Electricity?, a well known trade journal. This challenge is reproduced below:

"We will undertake to repeat, without recourse to other than well-known physical agencies, every phenomenon which Mr. Keely will produce by his so-called newly discovered force or agencies. To enable us to do this, we ask no especial privileges within the arcana of Keely's workshop. We ask only be permitted to see the experiments performed as he will show them to other experts, in order that we may know the task that is before us. If Mr. Keely will give us this opportunity, we will agree to repeat everything which he does, before the same committee of experts, provided that they are men of recognized standing in the scientific world, within sixty days."

This challenge is now five months old. Mr. Keely informed the Directors of his company last week that "before the end of the year" he would "positively be all through with his work to prove conclusively that" he has devised "a practical commercial working engine" operated by his new force. If our memory serves us, he has made several announcements of this kind since the company was organized, twenty-one years ago. He can afford to give one day to the experts representing this challenging trade journal. The terms of the challenge, together with his own recent suggestion as to an inspection by other experts, show that not more than one day of his time would be required.

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