12. (Q) Please explain 2nd thru 4th verse of Chapter 21 - the new Jerusalem and no more death.

(A) Those then that are come into the new life, the new understanding, the new regeneration, there IS then the new Jerusalem. For as has been given, the place is not as a place alone but as a condition, as an experience of the soul.

 Jerusalem has figuratively, symbolically, meant the holy place, the holy city - for there the ark of the covenant, the ark of the covenant in the minds, the hearts, the understandings, the comprehensions of those who have put away earthly desires and become as the NEW purposes in their experience, become the new Jerusalem, the new undertakings, the new desires. 281-37

14. (Q) What is meant by the Holy Jerusalem Rev. 21-12?

(A) As indicated, that purpose, that estate to which there is the attaining of those who through the purifying - as has been indicated in the earlier portion - now come to the holy purpose - as the Holy Jerusalem; the Holy of Holies becomes the dwelling as it were of those. 281-37

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