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"INFINITY is a mirrored extension from one imagined point in the universe to every other imagined point, and back again to that same point from every other imagined point. Infinity is zero simultaneously multiplied and divided by zero, forever and forever." Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema

"The value of the infinity which is the difference between the inscribed and circumscribed lines (axiom 4th), and which is omitted by geometers, is increased in the process of bisection of a circumference, so that at some great number of sides of a polygon it will always equal one or more in the sixth decimal place, and may be increased, until it shall equal circumference itself." Propositions of Geometry

In my earlier days and writings I mentioned evolutionary vibratory progression "goes to infinity". Since those early days I've come to see it differently. Vibratorily the universe is finite - possibility and potential of those rhythmic motions are indeed infinite. This idea the universe has a finite extension came from Russell and was an important and influential revelation for me. It all became so much simpler and clearer and a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. It was no longer required to grasp an infinite universe - just a grasp of a finite set of simple laws and principles (responsible for and manifesting all that is) were sufficient.

The dynamic vibratory universe is finite.
The physical universe appears to the egoic split-mind or intellect as infinite.
The physical universe appears to the whole mind as One Whole Universe without extension.
Possibility and potential within the universe is indeed infinite.
In terms of vibratory phenomena Keely indicates there is a limit at 105 octaves. This limit would of course be determined by a media capable of vibrating at these or higher frequencies.

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