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A Lecture by Rudolf Steiner

Another enigma no less fascinating is that of Rudolf Steiner. Through his series of inspired lectures we are given another wonder filled glimpse of the universe. Again, Steiner's concepts are not necessarily similar to the ones held to by classical physics. He gave a particularly interesting lecture in 1918 summarized and translated below by Mr. Wim A. M. Leys? of The Netherlands.

"In the ages to come, humanity will develop three new occult faculties, in the same natural way as it developed her mental faculties in the past. These will be:

1. The material occultism. (Or mechanical occultism.)
2. The hygienic occultism.
3. The eugenic occultism.

These faculties will not be developed by all people in the same degree; in fact they will be found separately in three regions of the earth.

I. The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines, mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." These machines will do about 90% of the work, and all the social and material trouble of work as we know it now, will cease to exist.

II. The "Middle-people" of Europe, east of the Rhine and west of Russia, will develop the hygienic occultism. This is the inborn faculty to heal the bodily and mental diseases. It will be clear to these people that life from birth till death is analog to a slow developing disease, and they will be able to use the life-and-health-giving-forces of their own bodies to overcome the diseases which now still harass mankind.

III. The "East-people" of Russia, India and the Asiatic peoples between, will develop the eugenic occultism. This means they will be able to know by intuition, at which planetary constellation conception, the act of impregnation, the sex-act, will have to be employed to attract the right souls and give them their right bodies. Also it will be known how to attract (or hold back) the wicked souls. Thus the societies of the "East-people" will become gradually better harmonized and more spiritual.

Now the situation will be so that the "West-people" (English and American) will not be able to develop out of themselves or by themselves the two other occult faculties. The "Midde-people" also will only have their faculty, and need the West and the East for the others. And in the same way the "East-people" won't possess the material and the hygienic faculties, only the eugenic.

Now for Mankind to reach it's spiritual goal it is necessary that these separate occult faculties will not separate humanity in three opposing groups. Because for instance if the "West-people" only develop their material-mechanical occultism and keep it for themselves, even use it to oppress the other peoples, and hold them in their (economical) power, the West will become "soulless", bound to the material side of life on this planet.

If the "East-people" will feel hatred for the West, because of the colonial past, and economic dependence, they will become one-sided, and drift away from this earth, so also not developing with her any more. It is therefore extremely important that there will be a close, intimate cooperation between all the peoples of the earth and humanity be able to continue their evolution.

In addition to this it should be held in mind that these three occult faculties belong to the bodies. The difference between them are thus comparable to differentiations and races. The souls are above these differences, and if they realize this above mentioned brotherhood, and not only stick to their own kind, they will pass through incarnations in all the three groups.

Lastly it should be stated that, to realize the progress of the right development of these three faculties in cooperation, it is necessary that over the whole earth religion and science go together. Atheistic, materialistic science and unscientific superstitious religion are a hindrance on the path of evolution, and will obstruct the cooperation of the three occult faculties."

(Translator's Note: Already one can see the intuition of the North American peoples for their future, in the invention and development of computers and robots. These already do a lot of work for man, though this is not yet the mechanical occultism which is meant above. It is a foreshadowing.)

(Q) Whereas the late Rudolf Steiner announced a threefold social order which he said it was the will of the spirit of the age to bring about, and whereas he stated that this social order would come through the free will of human beings as a result of social cataclysms, - is it within the bounds of possibility that the threefold social order of Rudolf Steiner can be brought about in this country?

(A) "To bring the threefold activity of ANY individual other than God's will produces a PROBLEM, - whether Rudolf Steiner or whatever name! For there's only one Name given whereby man shall be directed.

"These are the characters of activities of social order, of social justice, - yes. But they shall be ever NOT as of ANY individual, but as just indicated, - that all are free, all are equal before God. The social order, the religious order, the economic order must all be for ONE God! For, know that the Lord thy God is ONE!"

(Q) Would it be good to work with this end in view? If so, what course should be pursued to bring this about?

(A) "As an individual, study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth, keeping self unspotted from censure of the world.

"This done, with the principles, the rules, - but in the NAME of the Father-God!
Cayce 3976-24

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