http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/water/anmlies.html (external link) water anomalies (very thorough resource)

Excerpts from 'Energy Evolution' by Callum Coats, about the work of Viktor Schauberger, and my added comparisons to Keely:

'Whatever manifests itself - even light - is to be viewed as the waste matter resulting from the purification of the relatively highest quality entities, which never manifest themselves physically. For this reason one cannot make use of what serves to shape the vegetative for purposes of primordial motion.' -p.213

'Electricity and magnetism are higher octaves of pressure and suction respectively, and symbolize bipolarity as such. The interplay between these two polarities determines the life and death of what has been imbued by either. '-p. 214

'...I was building the first log flume and mixed and moved the water in such a manner as to trigger a falling thermal gradient. I had no inkling that this was the initial stage in the build-up of a concentrating form of atomic energy. Acting purely intuitively I proceeded further along this course.'-p. 216

The above line of thought parallels the use of the term electrical pressure as voltage, and Dirac-type visualization of a magnet's field as a certain kind of locally-acting vacuum.

'Expansions are retarded explosive effects in the realm of basic substances, in which decentrating (expanding (i.e. axial->radial*) reactive effects of a subordinate nature are freed.
Impansions (i.e. radial->axial*) are slow processes of densation, which for example, can be exploited in so-called chillers or refrigerating machines and are to be viewed as normal de-stressing processes.
Explosion is chemical reaction that takes place extremely rapidly, in which a large increase in pressure occurs due to large quantities of hot gases. Explosions are always innately destructive. They therefore function in a life-harming way.
Implosion is a biochemical reaction and takes place equally rapidly, during which a strong increase in low pressure occurs, whose active force increases by the square of the rate of the decline in heat.
The cause of an implosion is the sudden binding (emulsion) of oxygen, which becomes passive (inactive) with a decrease in heat and in this state is consumed by the sweet substances, which attain their charged state at +4*C (39.2*F). The mechanical atomisation of the oxygen is necessary, however.
The cause of an explosion is the sudden binding by highly charged oxygen, which at +40*C(104*F) becomes free and aggressive, of the sweet substances generally known as carbones, which become increasingly passive (inactive) with pressure and increase in heat.'
-pp. 73-74

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