If mind is matter, which it is, then an idea is a specific form of matter. Quimby used the phrase "idea matter" quite often and Keely used the phrase "substance of ideation" indicating they both held this concept. I'm sure Geller (external link) and Sai Baba would both concur with this concept. Mind Matter or Idea Matter are of the etheric, interetheric and compound interetheric subdivisions. See Inert Gas, Subdivision, Etheric Elements

"The best definition that ever may be given of fourth-dimensional is an idea! Where will it project? Anywhere! Where does it arise from? Who Knows! Where will it end? Who can tell? It is all inclusive! It has both length, breadth, height, depth - is without beginning and is without ending." Cayce (364-10)

"The abilities in the psychic forces.... psychic meaning, then of the mental and the Soul - doesn't necessarily mean the body, until it's enabled to be brought into being in whatever form it may make its manifestation - which may never be in a material world, or take form in a three-dimensional plane as the earth is; it may remain in a fourth-dimensional - which is an idea!" Cayce (364-10)

"All idea is (as) one idea in the light of the sun. The light of the sun is never divided into its many seeming separate ideas until it is electrically extended from the sun and those extensions electrically echoed back to it." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link), page 52

"That as would be manifested must first be in spirit, then in mind, then in material activity. For, this is the evolution of the earth, the evolution of things, the evolution of ideas and of ideals." Cayce (3132-1)

"Records of Motion are seeds for repetition of motion. In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold from seed records of those wave forms." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link)], page 137

"Sex is the creative principle. It is dual desire force in Mind for expressing its One Idea. Without a division of the one unconditional Light into two seemingly conditioned lights, Creation could not be." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link), page 119

"When we stop thinking, whether asleep or awake, we do not stop KNOWING, nor do we cease being consciously aware of our Being. We but cease to set our knowledge in motion to express idea through the pulsations of thinking." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link), page 71

"God's universe of magnetic Light is static.

God's perpetually creating electric wave universe of two moving lights is dynamic. It forever moves. The two moving lights are projected through each other from the static One to create the illusion of the idea they but manifest. The illusion which manifests the idea of Creation through seeming motion is not the idea which it seemingly manifests.

"Creation is the product of Mind - knowing expressed in form by Mind - Thinking." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link), page 16

"Creation might be likened to the tapestry weaver who KNOWS the one idea as a whole, then THINKS it into parts, then RECORDS those parts by interweaving their spectrum colors into the many forms which, together, manifest the whole idea." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link)

"Idea of Mind registered in light is living, and through reproduction it continues the idea of itself in its orderly complexing, throughout the entirety of the universal circuit of thinking.

These little particles, born of universal thinking in its highest octave, are the first manifestations of what man calls life.

They are the first manifestations of the appearance of individual existence.

They are the beginning of the appearance of separate existence.

They are the beginning of the appearance of opposites.

They are the beginning of positive and negative electrical units magnetically united.

They are the beginning of male and female individuals.

They are the beginning of apparently separate thinking, separate functioning, separate acting, separate living male and female beings.

These children of thinking Mind differ in no way from man, or mountain, or oak, or rose, except in their simplicity.

They are light: and so is man and the mountain.

They think and live and require new energy to generate energy in order to continue their appearance as the beginning of divine idea.

They continue themselves as idea by transforming other energy into the idea of themselves.

They continue others as idea by radiating energy for absorption by others or by being consumed to supply energy for others of which they become a part.

Just as the sun continues the idea of itself by transforming other energy into the idea of itself, and just as the sun radiates its energy to continue the idea of this planet by radiation of its energy for absorption by this planet, so does one light unit give to another and take away energy from another.

All idea is energy, therefore the energy of one idea can be transformed into the energy of another to continue the idea of that other.

All energy is light and all idea is light."

"All idea is born of the energy of thinking and all idea continues itself as idea by the energy of its thinking. "

"This is the great law of evolving idea.

Idea is evolutionary and continuous; therefore is the recording of idea also continuous.

iIea is constantly building itself up in all forming systems.

This is integration.

This is what man calls growth. It is life.

Idea is constantly tearing itself apart.

This is disintegration.

This is what man calls fading. It is death.

Integration and disintegration are simultaneous in all systems.

Integration is growth.

Fading is growth.

Disintegration is life.

Death is life." The Universal One (external link), Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter

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