Holy Ghost

"Now here is the trinity in the principles of reason. The word is the name of the Father, the cat or matter, the Son or theory and the application of the word to the animal was the Holy Ghost or explanation of the union of the Father and Son. The word God is the word for that substance called the father, Jesus or the matter, the son; the explanation of the union of wisdom and matter is the Holy Ghost or science." Quimby, The Complete Writings, Volume I

Abhasa Chaitanya? or Purusha, the Sons of God. This Holy Ghost, being the manifestation of the Omniscient Nature of the Eteral Father, God, is no other substance than God Himself; and so these reflections of spiritual rays are called the Sons of God - Abhasas Chaitanya? or Purusha. (Swami Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science, Sutra 5)

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Father, Son and Holy Ghost
"I will make the one living and true man: the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. The scientific or wisdom is the father; the idea man or matter the son, or flesh and blood; the explanation of the unity is the Holy Ghost or wisdom. These three make the one living and true man. The father or wisdom will reign through the son or matter by the word or Holy Ghost till all enemies are explained through the son. Then the son shall become subject to the father or science and wisdom shall reign all in all. In the days of old, this wisdom spake through the prophets?. At last, it spake through science or a wiser medium, but it has never spoken to the sick in prison. But ancient and modern philosophy has looked for the true Messiah? or Wisdom that shall open the prison doors, burst the bolts and bars, break the chains of superstition and set the captive free. When this comes, there shall be a time such as was never seen before, when the priests and doctors shall hide their faces from the people to keep from being ridiculed for their superstition and ignorance. They will be set down on a level with the old Salem witchcraft. Their power shall be taken away from them and they shall be turned out to eat the fruits of their own labor. Then to be religious is to show the world that you can correct some of the diseases that have been invented by these blind guides. As man knows himself, he learns that all he is, is his life, and his senses are in his life, that opinions are mind subject to his life. His life embraces all his faculties and his happiness is in knowing that he is no part of what is seen by the eye of opinion. The world is the shadow of wisdom's amusement. All that is seen by the natural man is mind reduced to a state called matter." Quimby, October 1861

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